On making memories and little adventures

August 20, 2018

making memories

Collaborative Post*

I’ve made a couple of mid-year resolutions.

The first is to use my big camera more again as I’ve been using my phone a lot recently, which although it takes great photos (I have the Google Pixel 2) it just doesn’t compare to my Canon 200D.

The second is on making memories and making travel and adventure a big part of our life.

making memories

We already try to travel and do new things, or at least get out of the house every weekend. Even if it’s something local and only for the morning or afternoon. And sometimes it’s just a visit to a new play park.

We visited my parents a few weekends back, and went to see my oldest friend, and I was reminded of why making memories and going on little adventures is so important to me. Seeing my oldest friend playing with Henry literally filled my heart with joy. Even at such a young age, he’s been talking about our trip all week. And that makes it so worthwhile, because we’re making memories for us all.

Of course I took a bunch of photos to remember the day a little, and most likely this trip will be forgotten by us all over time because it was only a short trip to the park, but in the short term it’s a happy memory and a little adventure. It’s a pick-me-up from the daily hum-drum of every day life.

I was also reminded how our kids will have a pretty different up-bringing to mine and Dann’s. They’re going to be city kids. With Southampton right on their doorstop and Portsmouth close by as well, they’re going to have such a different life to this town kid, and especially their country village daddy. But our little adventures mean they can have a taste of it. It’s a cheap and easy trip for us, but something that can shape memories for years to come.

I always remember our trips to see my Grandparents, both my local ones, and the ones in Wales, from when I was a child, and I can’t wait to create these memories for my little’s too. Henry is already a huge fan of his Grandparent’s home’s, especially on Dann’s side (they do have a dog and chickens though, so that could be what gives them the edge) and it’s one of the best feelings seeing him feeling so comfortable in our old homes. We have so many plans for the future which heavily include the grandparents, who says life after 50 has to be boring? Not for our grandparents, not with a pair of boys to keep them on their toes, both at home and away.

So we might not be able to afford to do huge abroad trips just yet – and to be honest as much as they sound like an amazing experience, our boys right now just aren’t old enough to appreciate it, so it doesn’t seem worth the expense and stress – but we can do little adventures. We can travel around our home country doing stay-cations and visits to our family, to the grandparents, making memories and loving life. And that’s perfectly alright with this mama.

making memories making memories making memories making memories making memories making memories making memories

*this is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.

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