Our name rings, and why we chose our kids names

August 30, 2018
Stacking Name Rings

Stacking Name Rings

I’ve had a few questions about my name rings over the last couple of years since I got my first one shortly after Henry was born so today I thought I’d share a little bit about the rings, and why we chose our boys names.

First of all I got the idea of name rings from probably my favourite blogger ever, Taza, but as I have quite little hands and fingers, I didn’t think I could pull off the slightly larger curved font that she has for her name rings.

If I’m totally honest I can’t remember how I actually came across the rings I chose but mine (and Dann’s) name rings are from alternative jewellery label Bloody Mary Metal and are part of their stacking ring collection. My name rings are 2mm sterling silver and Dann’s are 4mm. I love that they’re simple and hand stamped, and that we have matching rings for our boys. We both wear them on our right ring fingers as well, though Dann is going to have to find another finger to use when we have a third as he doesn’t have any room left. Happily I have just enough room for one more name ring!

So our boys names, because I’m nosey and love finding out the inspiration behind peoples name choices so thought I’d share!

Stacking Name Rings Stacking Name Rings Stacking Name Rings

Henry Gordon Ian

As we didn’t know Henry was a boy until he was born, he had two names picked out, a boys and a girls. Our girls name we still love to this day and we both agreed on it straight away. Boys we’ve always had trouble with. We’ve gone through a lot of boys names including Xander and Oliver before I fell in love with Henry and convinced Dann that he did too. Basically the name came from my love of JJ in Criminal Minds and her little boy in the show, Henry. I just loved it instantly and couldn’t think of a name I loved more! Luckily Dann was in favour, and now is totally convinced he was always supposed to be a Henry, it just suits him perfectly.

Gordon was my grandfather’s name and I’ve always known I would have his name as a middle name for a son of mine.

Ian is Dann’s middle name and his dad’s first name. It holds a lot of love for Dann and he always wanted a family name included too so we agreed on two middle names. The middle names were actually easier to pick than his first name!

Dexter Rupert George

We found out Dexter‘s gender early on in our second pregnancy because I wanted to experience both knowing and not knowing. Again we took a while to find a name we both really loved. We had lots of names that we liked but not loved. For a while we were torn between Tobias and Elijah but neither screamed at us. Then I suddenly had a brainwave and said to Dann, what about Dexter? It was an instant love for both of us and he felt like a Dexter at his gender scan (we had benched Elijah as a back up at that point).

Rupert is just a name we both really liked, to the point he almost had it as a first name.

George again is a name we both just liked and also was a middle name for my Grandfather which just made me love it more.

Stacking Name Rings Stacking Name Rings Stacking Name Rings Stacking Name Rings Stacking Name Rings

So that’s our names. And we already have names picked for a third baby which is kind of crazy, especially as we have a boys boy’s name that we adore already which is unheard of territory!

Have you shared your reasons for your kids names? Tell me in the comments below!

Stacking Name Rings

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