Surviving month one with a baby and a toddler

August 7, 2018

A whole month of being parents of two little boys. And it’s gone by so so fast. Especially those first two weeks! I know it’s a total cliche but kids really do make the days and weeks fly past, and it’s a bit of a catch 22. I’m so looking forward to seeing the boys interact together and develop their personalities with each other, but also it’s very scary seeing the weeks race by!

So, how have we been coping for the last month?
It sure is a transition going from one to two. And I think one of the biggest challenges is managing the first born, particularly if they’re quite excitable. I also think the sleep deprivation plays a big role in the change to your home. We have good days and bad days, but I guess that’s parenting for you.

Week 1
This week has been a blur. And a very fast blur at that. It doesn’t feel real that we’ve had two children in our lives for a whole seven days.
I’d definitely forgotten what the sleep deprivation felt like and the dreaded witching hour between 8-11pm. Luckily with Dann off too I’ve been able to catch up on sleep in the mornings whilst he goes to bed around 10pm.
Over all we seem to be adjusting well, though the cluster feeding with the heat is not much fun.

Week 2
We’ve been out a little more, and I’m starting to feel more like myself. Sitting down no longer makes me wince and breastfeeding seems to be going really well, though night times can be a little hellish with lots of wake ups and not settling down to sleep particularly quickly. I have managed to sleep in my own bed for most of the week though and with a few more cooler days it’s been easier to go out and about. We also got Dexter registered and I breastfed in public for the first time which was a positive experience. I know I feel a lot less anxious about it this time around.
Henry is starting to calm down, though he’s getting a bit too confident with trying to pick Dexter up. It seems like our Duplo is going to be a big player when it comes to distracting him when Dexter needs a feed and I can’t get up. I’m still slightly nervous about having the two of them on my own, but with Dexter sleeping quite well in his sleepyhead (touch wood) I’m hoping it might not be as tricky as my head thinks it will be. I know for certain I’m going to miss having Dann around A LOT. I feel like life is perfect with all four of us together. I think I need a lottery win!

Week 3
Our final week with Dann at home, so I’m going to have to get used to the lack of sleep. Basically at the moment I’m going to bed shortly after the boys around 7:30pm/8pm after Dexter has had a feed. Then up again around 10/11pm for another feed. And again at 2pm. And finally around 4:30/5pm. Fortunately this week Dexter has decided to settle back down to sleep after each feed really quickly, and is staying asleep in his Sleepyhead.
Feeding is going really well and still happy with exclusively breastfeeding. It’s so strange to think that this time with Henry I was so anxious about feeding, was in loads of pain and was in tears from pressuring myself so hard. I really do think for your second you’re just better prepared for everything. Like I’m coping so much better with getting back to normal life. Though watch this space as week 4 is going to be the real tester.
As for Henry, he’s becoming less and less boisterous, though we are still having to talk about gentle hands a lot, and asking him not to pick Dexter up. I’ll feel so much better when Dexter is a bit bigger and can hold his own head up that’s for sure!

Week 4
A bit of a rollercoaster week to be honest and my first looking after both boys on my own.
The weekend had some great highs and some big lows, including lots of lost sleep, a very unsettled and windy newborn, combined with sea walks and lots of fresh air. I think this week is the week I started to remember how hard newborns can be. I’ve literally gone to bed most nights at around 8pm just to try and get some extra sleep in.
Monday was my first full day with both boys, and thankfully we had some little plans so I could concentrate on them a little, including a trip to a new toddler group at our community centre. Dexter was really good for the majority of it, being mostly asleep, though wanting to be held. Henry was a little more tricky, with pushing and throwing, but I’m putting it down to the overwhelming heat, and an early morning. Overall the day wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, especially as I managed to get both boys to sleep at the same time (and managed to type this up!!)
The remainder of the week was pretty much as the first, just keeping henry occupied and Dexter fed mostly. I’ve found having little plans and keeping active in the mornings the easiest way to cope with both, especially in the heat!


So parenting two hasn’t been as hard as I thought, though I’m sure it will present new challenges in the not so distant future!

What are your tips for parenting a baby and a toddler? 


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