Becoming a full time stay at home mum of two

September 13, 2018

Becoming a full time SAHM

This month is the start of something new for me. I’m a full time stay at home mum of two.

I’m still on maternity leave from my job, but from September 1st Henry is no longer in nursery at all, so I have both boys for 100% of the working week. And I’m both happy and slightly daunted by the prospect.

Becoming a full time SAHM Becoming a full time SAHM Becoming a full time SAHM Becoming a full time SAHM

We decided to take Henry out of nursery completely after gradually dropping his hours since June from 3 days, to 2 days and finally to 1 day a week. Initially the plan was to keep him in nursery for a day a week until we could get his 3 year funding, but at £50 a day, and only £148 a week in maternity pay, which ends in March 2019 (and we’re not eligible for Henry’s funding until September 2019) the cost just didn’t feel worth it anymore.

We felt that the additional £200-250 per month we would be saving would be better spent on weekends away and little holidays and adventures, which is what I want to focus on for our future. I could also do an activity or group for a fraction of that cost per week so we still get that social interaction, but save quite a lot of money.

So I’m now a full time stay at home mum of two under three!

I’m excited and so happy that I get to see both my boys grow up. At the end of the day it’s the reason we had children, so we could see them grow up. And I know I am so fortunate to even have the opportunity to be able to stay at home with the boys, especially as I won’t be returning to my job at the end of my maternity leave. I know lots of mums would love to be able to stay home instead of having to work.

But it’s also a little scary.

I’ve got to keep two small humans alive and happy, be their teacher, make sure they socialise and interact with others, and keep my own happiness as well. And that’s a daunting task.

I’ve talked before about being a SAHM and my worries, prior to Dexter’s arrival. Unfortunately Dexter isn’t the easiest of babies, and I’d forgotten how time consuming babies can be especially when they want to be held 24/7, so the mum guilt is at it’s highest ever right now. Although I’m not actually that good at playing with toys, I also physically can’t as I have to be with Dexter, so Henry is left to play alone a lot. Generally he seems fine with this, but it means I need to put more effort into making sure we go out to groups so he can play with other children.

I guess I’ll rise to the challenge, but some days are certainly more difficult than others.

Share your tips for surviving being a SAHM in the comments below!

Becoming a full time SAHM Becoming a full time SAHM Becoming a full time SAHM Becoming a full time SAHM

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