Getting ready for Autumn hikes

September 26, 2018
getting ready for autumn hikes

getting ready for autumn hikes

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Isn’t Autumn just a great time of year?

Everyone is so excited for it, almost as excited as they were for the start of Summer, and now we’re in it. The season of crisp leaves, pumpkins, brisk winds and cosy nights inside. Yes I too love Autumn – and not just because my birthday is in November.

However, one of the reasons I love Summer so much is that it is so much easier to waste away your days with little plans and lots of outside adventures. Parenting is so much easier when you aren’t locked inside day after day, and everyone seems happier when the sun is shining.

Fortunately, a change of season doesn’t necessarily mean a huge change in your habits is required. It’s all about the preparation. And you know I love a little bit of planning.

getting ready for autumn hikes getting ready for autumn hikes

The first thing to get sorted ahead of your Autumn hike, is clothing. You’re going to need to cover all eventualities of weather, and let’s be honest, in the UK it really can be ANY weather. We’re big fans of a good Ski Jacket, perfect for keeping you warm and cosy whilst out and about, and protective in any weather. You’re also going to need some really good sturdy boots or wellies. Trainers just aren’t going to cut it. In fact, I have walking boots (that are now super old but still going strong from 2012 when I went to volunteer in South Africa) and wellies. Henry has wellies, and Dann has probably the oldest pair of walking boots ever that he adores.

For Dexter, we have also busted out our Ergobaby 360 which is really supportive and secure for him to be carried across all terrain. Although I love our sling wrap, I really like using a proper carrier if we’re going out for an autumn hike.

We, of course, take our change bag with us for longer hikes, which includes the usually items, plus new winter bits such as spare gloves, hats, and hand warmers. I’m also looking at a big thermos with a drinking cup lid so we can take a warm drink out with us too, because a proper hike needs tea!

And that’s how we’re keeping ourselves active outside, even as the weather starts to turn. Just because it’s a bit colder, and the risk of rain just a little bit higher, doesn’t mean we’re hibernating until Spring. We’ve done our first mini Autumn hike – including scarves and hats – and I’m ready for many many more!

getting ready for autumn hikes getting ready for autumn hikes getting ready for autumn hikes getting ready for autumn hikes getting ready for autumn hikes getting ready for autumn hikes

What’s your top tips for getting out and about this Autumn?

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  1. athomewiththehamptons says:

    Oh I think autumnal walks are one of the biggest things I miss about not living in the UK! I agree – baby wearing is brilliant in autumn because it also keeps little one nice and snug in the colder weather! We would always warm ourselves back up when we got home with hot chocolates

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