Our before school bucket list

September 18, 2018


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re a social media hermit, you can’t have missed the updates of friends, family and everyone else, and their kids going back to school this month.

I’ve been far more aware of it this year as I follow a lot more parents than I previous years, and a lot of them are seeing their little ones off to school for the first time.

And that got me thinking. Henry starts school in two years, which honestly feels like the shortest possible time. He atill seems so so small, but I know we’ll be backing his rucksack for his first day only too soon.

So I’ve created a mini bucket list of things we want to do before Henry goes to school. Before we’re constrained by a school timetable, or charged extra because he’s that little bit older. Basically a little list to keep me motivated with adventures, so when school time comes around he’ll have had some amazing experiences with us and learnt a thing or two along the way as well.


Go on a cruise

Personally my favourite type of holiday, filled with lots of exploring but the ease of a resort. We’ve seen a couple that we like, and with the boys still being young they’re much cheaper or even free on the ship.

Go on a sunny holiday

And I think we need a proper summer holiday with beach days and pool days, and just chill and play. Probably more for the summer before Henry goes to school, Destination2 have a whole host of sunny breaks and truly bucket list destinations.

Take a trip to London

I love London, but Dann needs some convincing. But I know Henry will love the trains and underground, and who doesn’t love the Science Museum and Natural History Museum? A week day would be the best for this as I can only imagine how busy it gets at the weekend! Plus I want to take the boys to Camden Town as I loved it there when I was a teen.

Go on a few staycations

We already have a couple of these planned, including a long weekend on the Isle of Wight in October, and a week in Cornwall in May 2019. We’re also planning a trip to Brighton in February to go to our favourite tattoo convention and celebrate Dann’s birthday. I’m also feeling a trip up north too at some point!

Visit a castle

Everyone loves a castle right? The home of knights and dragons. I’m thinking Arundel Castle which isn’t too far from us, and Dann wants to visit Hurst Castle which is even closer!

Go to a festival

Ever since seeing my friends Instagram of Common People with her toddler I’ve wanted to take the boys, so I’m hoping we can make our first trip next summer. Fun, music and lots of outdoor play sounds prrgect for the littles.

Explore Harry Potter World

For a Harry Potter obsessed family, youdy think we’d have already been, but unfortunately not yet! Henry loves HP so I can’t wait to take him! Maybe at Christmas time for Hogwarts in the Snow.

Go to a theme park

I’m actually not a fan of Theme Parks, and neither is Dann, but it’s almost a rite of passage to have been to at least Paulton’s Park if you live in Hampshire. I’m sure Henry would love it as he’s such an adrenalin junkie. We also want to do Legoland Windsor at some point, but not sure if it will make the Before-School cut!

Learn to ride a bike

One for the boys and for me. I’ve never actually ridden a bike so I’ll be learning to ride alongside the kids. Dann reckons it’ll be easy, but imI not so sure!! My balance worries me.


I’m absolutely sure we’ll be adding to this list over the year, but as a starting point, I think we’ve got a great couple of years ahead of us.


What’s on your before school bucket list?



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