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October 16, 2018

Danny Dino Scootaheadz

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I don’t think I’m the only mother with a kid completely obsessed with their bike.
Henry loves bikes, and trikes. Anything with wheels that he can push himself along on. Usually they’re his size, but sometimes not so much. But it’s been a lot of fun watching him become more and more confident on his wheels.
Danny Dino Scootaheadz

As he’s soon going to be moving onto new bikes (someone might be getting a bike at Christmas!) we decided to treat him and let him drive his scooter around the house after we’d rearranged the furniture and opened out our living room. And before I was due to hoover!

His current love is his Scootaheadz * and Scootaseatz * which fit perfectly on his Scuttlebug, but more importantly will be moving with him up to a proper bike and scooter in the Spring.
As you can see, our little Dino fan loves having his very own Danny Dino  Scootaheadz. It’s a thick hard plastic which slots over the handle bars perfectly, no small bits, no screwing together, just fits straight on.

Danny Dino Scootaheadz Danny Dino Scootaheadz Danny Dino Scootaheadz Danny Dino Scootaheadz Scootaseatz

He’s also a big fan of soft toys, and has rather an impressive collection, so the Scootaseatz is perfect for letting him take out his favourite teddies for a trip. This also has adjustable straps so I think this will be living on his trike/bike for the foreseeable future. The “doggie” taking a ride is actually mine from when I was a little kid so it’s really nice seeing him play with toys, new and old, with the same amount of love!

Scootaseatz Scootaseatz

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Scootaheadz and Scootaseatz moving up with Henry as he grows up and moved onto bigger, better and probably faster modes of transport!

Danny Dino Scootaheadz

*products sent in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. 

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