Six hours in Cambridge with kids

October 29, 2018

Kings College Cambridge with kids

A few weeks back, I decided to join Dann on his trip to Cambridge with the kids, and I thought I’d share what we got up to.

Basically Dann’s job means that from time to time he goes off to meetings in other parts of the country (mainly the South). Usually he leaves early in the morning and then comes home the same day, even if it means a lot of driving in one day, which of course I always appreciate, though I think he’s barmy as he probably could get a free hotel for the night through work and have a meal and bedtime quietly and to himself.

Anyway, he needed to go up to Cambridgeshire for a work meeting, and I decided that as the weather was nice, and his meeting wasn’t going to be for that long, that we’d tag along for the ride and go explore the City of Cambridge. So here’s my little day guide to Cambridge with kids.

After a quick Google search we were dropped off to the Grand Arcade shopping centre with a Starbucks, and babycino for Henry, to start our exploring.

We started off with a run around in one of the local parks. Henry needed to get some wiggles out, and after three hours in the car I can hardly blame him to be honest. We found a sweet little park close by, and Henry set about making lots of new friends for about an hour or so.

Camridge Park with kids

Camridge Park with kids

We then went on the hunt for a few museums I had looked up.

We started at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. It’s a free museum, and being half term, they had a load of activities for kids to do inside, alongside their usual exhibits. Henry enjoyed having a little wander around, though I think it’s definitely more aimed at older kids/teens and adults.

Museum of Archeaology and Anthropology Cambridge with kids Museum of Archeaology and Anthropology Cambridge with kids

Across the road and up a little walk is the Museum of Zoology, again free, and much more kid friendly. It’s two floors of skeletons, wet specimens and taxidermy. Pretty much both Henry and I were equally happy. Henry was pretty happy wandering around and identifying all the animals he knew, and learning a few new ones. Though his favourite part was listening to the bird sounds. We also stopped in the Whale Cafe for lunch, which brought back all the university feels as it’s part of the uni grounds.

Museum of Zoology Cambridge with kids Museum of Zoology Cambridge with kids Museum of Zoology Cambridge with kids Museum of Zoology Cambridge with kids Museum of Zoology Cambridge with kids Museum of Zoology Cambridge with kids Museum of Zoology Cambridge with kids

After lunch we went in search of boats and some of the more cultural areas of Cambridge. Henry loved sitting by the bridge and looking down at the boats on the river. If we hadn’t had the pushchair with us I’d probably have paid for us to go out, though maybe another set of hands would be helpful.

We finished our afternoon wandering down to Kings College, and although we didn’t go in (you have to get tickets from the visitors centre across the road) we did have a look around the outside. We met back up with Dann and took him to the Museum of Zoology too as I knew he’d love it too and of course he grabbed some photos for us that I couldn’t get on my own.

Cambridge with kids Kings College Cambridge with kids Cambridge with kids Cambridge with kids

^^the piano in the Grand Arcade was very popular with Henry, and right near the changing rooms so we stopped by several times. I adore his little fingers here!!^^

Over all, we had a really lovely trip out in Cambridge with kid, and even with the little ones, it is well worth a visit.

Cambridge with kids

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