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November 16, 2018

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Skimping on travel usually means doing away with luxury, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re on a budget, there may still be ways to receive luxury treatment without having to paying high end prices. Here are just a few tricks for spending less on luxury travel.

Book early to increase your chance of free upgrades

Always wanted to get a free upgrade to first class on a flight? It may not all be down to luck – often the first passengers to book seats on the flight are the ones that get offered a free upgrade first. The same applies to hotel rooms – early birds tend to get the upgrades to luxury suites. You’re not always guaranteed an upgrade, but it’s worth booking early just in case, especially considering the early birds often get discounts anyway.

Book last minute

You may also be able to take advantage of last minute deals as a means of saving money on luxury travel. Many luxury hotels and airlines will slash prices a week or two before as a way of filling empty rooms/seats. Many people aren’t able to take advantage of these deals because they need at least a few weeks to book time off work, however it’s possible to book time off work in advance and then wait until a couple weeks before this arranged to book your holiday, allowing you to take advantage of these deals. You could save as much as 50% by booking a last minute holiday. Check out sites such as Last Minute Luxury Hotel to find these deals.

Join membership clubs

Becoming a member of a club could also entitle you to exclusive deals on luxury vacations. The likes of these Bolsover Cruise Club Packages could allow you huge savings compared to trying to book a cruise as a non-member. Some clubs may come with hidden fees, which is something to look into beforehand. Others may require you to build up points over time in order to get discounts.

Choose alternative locations

The popular tourist locations tend to be the most expensive because everybody wants to go here. By opting for out of flavour destinations, you may be more likely to afford luxury accommodation. For example, a five star hotel in a Bulgarian beach resort could cost you a fraction of the price of a five star hotel in Barcelona. Sometimes simply opting for a hotel that’s not in the hub can save you money. A luxury hotel in the centre of a city is likely to be extortionate, whilst a hotel on the outskirts for the same quality could cost a third of the price simply for its location.

Travel out of season

You can also save money on luxury travel by choosing to travel out of season. Summer is peak time for many beach resorts and prices can often be higher because of the demand. By choosing to travel before May or after September you could make huge savings because there’s less demand and hotels and airlines are more likely to lower their prices to attract holidaymakers. Whilst winter can be cheaper to travel, you may want to avoid the period around Christmas as prices can shoot up again around this time – this is because many people travel around Christmas to be with their family.

Look into rental/charter opportunities

It’s possible to get a taster of the millionaire lifestyle by renting out luxury. For example, there are many luxury villas that you can rent out for a discount price at sites such as James Villas. These aren’t the only thing that you may be able to stretch to renting out – it’s possible to charter a yacht for a few days giving you the experience of having your own private yacht. These chartered yachts may come with a crew and the option to choose your very own itinerary as to where to travel. You can find deals on chartered yachts at sites such as Late Sail.

*Contributed post

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