Our UK travel bucket list

November 22, 2018

Our UK bucket list

Collaborative Post*

One of my favourite things is to travel, but unfortunately travel isn’t always cheap, especially abroad travel. And we can’t go plane hopping as Dann has a job to do. We can however go exploring our home turf. Weekends are the perfect time for a little travel, particularly Bank Holidays ones.

So I’ve put together a little UK travel bucket list, in the hopes that it starts to get me planning some home country trips for the next year or so.


One of my top bucket list locations in the North. I’m a bit partial to the accent if I’m totally honest. I know it’s a pretty cultural City, more so than Southampton, and I think that’s why I want to visit. I particularly keen on trying out  Liverpool ONE restaurants and maybe getting a date night with Dann!!


Another modern cultural city that I want to visit. I’ve worked with people from Manchester and they always have so much love for their home city, so I really want a little visit.


I’ve actually been to Lincoln before, but a very long time ago, probably nearly 20 years ago, so I’d like a return visit with the boys. I love going back to places from my childhood with the boys (like we did last year to Wookey Hole) so this is pretty high on my list to go. I want to explore all the cobbled streets and see the historical buildings again.


We actually have this booked for the Spring of next year. I’m very excited to visit the Eden Project, and see the Cornish country side. Plus clotted cream, jam and scones, from their birthplace. I think cream tea is reason enough to travel four hours to be honest!!


Yes I’ve been to London many many times, but never with the boys. And maybe a handful of times with Dann. I really want to do the Natural History Museum and Science Museums with the boys. Walk by the river. Visit London Zoo and the Sealife Centre. And I really want to take Dann to Camden Town which I spent half my college weekends in.


Another that I’ve been to before, but when I was much younger, and for a school trip. Being totally honest I really just want to visit Warwick Castle again, which I know that boys will absolutely adore.

Lake District

This list wouldn’t be complete without a true outdoorsy entry, and I think the Lake District might be the one. Lots of hiking and pretty views, perfectly for energetic toddlers and pre-schoolers! I’m  thinking an Autumn trip might just create the most beautiful photos too!


Last one on this little list, and a final return visit. We actually visited Bath for our one year wedding anniversary and it’s one of the most beautiful places. I can’t wait to go back to be honest and explore more of the area.

Our UK bucket list

Where else in the UK do we need to visit and add to our UK travel bucket list?

*Collaborative Post – all opinions are my own

Our UK bucket list

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