What to pack for an autumn caravan holiday

November 3, 2018

Packing for a caravan holiday

I really enjoy an autumn caravan holiday, just enough outside of the holiday season that the prices drop, but not too far in that the weather is awful – though saying that we’ve done a Spring caravan holiday before and it rained the entire week we were away and we still had lots of fun.

As with any family holiday, it’s all about being prepared, and in autumn, you have to pack for every type of weather too.

So when we went to the Isle of Wight earlier this month for our a I jotted down everything we packed with us to share with you.

Packing for a caravan holiday Packing for a caravan holiday

Packing for a caravan holiday


Clothing for the week including spare socks

Coats and a selection of footwear including boots and pack-a-mac’s

Toiletries including towels

Camera plus charger

Books – I do the most reading in the evenings, as no/limited Wifi means the perfect excuse to have a bit of offline time

Swim stuff including towels


Fleecy PJs for the toddler – perfect for snuggly as caravans can get pretty chilly at night and first thing in the morning

Clothing for the duration including jumpers, wellies, raincoats and a mix of tops and bottoms.

Half pack of nappies for each boys plus a full pack of wipes

Change bag – fully stocked up prior to leaving

Swim stuff including arm bands and swim nappies

Spare DVDs – our kids wake up super early so we take a couple of kids films with us for the DVD player in case there is nothing good on TV

Favourite soft toys for bedtime which helps to make their new room feel more like home. If you have the space take your kids normal duvet or pillow too, especially if they’re young and struggle in different surroundings

Couple of story books for bedtime

Baby carrier – saves a lot of space if you don’t want to bring a pushchair

Nightlights as both boys need them at the moment

Packing for a caravan holiday


Tea bags & a tub of sugar

Condiments – we collect little sachets of sauces, sugar, salt and pepper whilst we’re out and about, and save any that are left over from meals out. We then keep them in a food bag at home to take with us on long trips such as caravan holidays. No one wants to cart around full size sauce bottles, so these come in handy when self-catering

Cereal for Henry

Kids cutlery for Henry and a plastic plate

Washing up liquid/sponge/tea towel/binbag


So that’s our packing list.We also tend to do a little shop for food for breakfast, lunch and maybe one dinner when we arrive.

what to pack for an autumn caravan holiday

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