AD | Weekend road trips with kids and how to prepare for them in the winter

January 31, 2019

AD | Collaborative Post*

Who says travel has to be expensive? In fact some of our favourite travels have been little road trips that have cost us only fuel and the upkeep of our car, and maybe a few snacks along the way, but then a road trip isn’t a road trip without car snacks is it?

With the summer sun still hiding away for the foreseeable future, long trips just aren’t on the cards, as who knows what weather awaits us in just a couple of days. But weekend road trips, they’re definitely on the cards. And they really help break up the dreary weather and those winter blues.

So how do we prepare for winter road trips with kids?

When it comes to packing we make sure we’re all packed up the night before with a bag for all our clothing, and another giant bag filled with nappies, wipes, toys, snacks and coats. We also make sure we have our Ergobaby 360 carrier so we can for a walk about when we get to our destination, no matter the terrain.

For the inside of the car, we ensure it is prepared with stuff to keep the boys entertained. For Christmas, Dann’s parents got us seat tidy’s which clip on the the back of the front seats and let you store drinks, toys and even Ipads in them, ready for long journey’s. Although we’re yet to get an Ipad, they’re still super useful, and we keep a lot of the noisier toys in the back to keep Henry entertained, as well as a mix of books and cars. Dexter mostly has rattles and comforters in his at the moment, though fortunately he generally sleeps for most of our journeys. Both boys have Cosatto car seats, which both have Isofix capability. Dexter’s is the newer one, which goes from birth to 12 years and is absolutely brilliant.

Lastly is the actual car. Our car is now five years old, and will be being upgraded to something a tad larger in the next couple of years (basically when we decide to go for baby no.3), but for the time being, it works really well for us. One of the most important things for winter road trips with kids is to ensure your car is well maintained and you understand how to drive safely in adverse weather. We know full well there is every possibility that we’ll go on a trip and the weather will turn on us, so we have to be prepared for that at all times.

A big part of that is with good tyres. We always ensure our tyres are in good grippy condition, especially just before winter. We also have our car serviced in September each year, just ahead of autumn, to catch any issues, and ensure our brakes are working at their best.

Luckily for me, Dann does our driving, and he’s been driving since he was 18 years old (I won’t say how long that it, but it’s in the double digits!) and is used to all kinds of roads and conditions, having grown up in the countryside, and now being a city driver. However it never hurts to have a refresher. Kwik Fit have put together the below video on stopping distances, and are campaigning for more awareness with the hashtag #StoppingDistance

We also make sure our tyres are filled properly before any big trip, and ensure our water and oil levels are good too. Coming from motor-mad families (Dann’s Dad own’s his own Garage, and my Step-dad is a car fan and fixer-uper) we take car safety very seriously.

And that’s it. We’re ready for our next adventure, whether it’s big or small, and whatever the weather. What’s your top road trip tip?

*this post was created in partnership with Kwik Fit – all opinions are my own. Video by Kwik Fit, and factually accurate at time of publishing. For more information on car safety, please see their website, or your local Garage.

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