How to take sink bath photos for your Instagram

January 7, 2019

One of my absolute favourite things about Instagram is that it gives me the opportunity to get creative with my photography. 

I’ve talked before about how I’ve pushed myself to really love Instagram again by taking part in photography challenges, and creating really special and unique images. And my absolute favourite image to create is sink bath photos with the boys. 

My love affair with this photo started from an Instagram account that I am obsessed with ktnewms and her gorgeous sink bath photos. To be honest she will always be the Queen of these photos, but I’m over the moon with my creations, and it seems like Instagram likes them too as they’re always incredibly popular. 

So today I’m going to talk you through how I take these photos, and link all the equipment I use for them as well. Plus a few little hints and tips on getting the best possible photo. Spoiler, you’re going to need to practice and take LOADS of photos!

So first things first, the equipment set up. I take pretty much all my Instagram photos on my phone (Google Pixel 2), these included, as taking top down photos is much easier on a phone than on a bulky camera. I used to just take the photos by leaning up above the sink, but I’ve since progressed to doing it hands-free which is handy when you have a little baby to hold in the photo. 

My equipment was inspired again by ktnewms, and kind of bodged together based on what I already had at home. I already owned a camera tripod (the older version of this tripod) so I needed to get some bits that would go horizontally. For this you need a photography lighting boom arm. These are designed to go on lighting tripods to attach light boxes to. This creates the horizontal element. If you don’t have a lighting tripod like me, then you’ll need a Dual C Clamp which attached to your tripod (you’ll need to extend it to full height) and then to the boom arm. Last and by no means least, is the phone holder. This screws into the end of the boom arm. Et Volia! You’re all ready to start shooting hands free top down photos.

Once I have my tripod in position – I usually take a test shot or two above the sink to make sure I’m framed up OK – I then set up the rest of the decor for around the sink. This usually includes fresh flowers, an assortment of plants, and occasionally candles, towels and other props. I do another test shot to check the arrangement before adding water and bubbles. I make sure I have plenty of bubbles to keep the boys covered up, and take the photos as soon as possible after the sink is full for maximum bubble covering.

To take the shot, I either use my phone self timer, or my Joby shutter remote, and sometimes a combination of the two depending on who is in the sink at the time. With Henry I can blow bubbles as well as clicking the remote as I don’t need any hands to hold him. I also find waving a dinosaur above my phone is handy for getting him to look up into the camera.

I usually take a minimum of 10-15 shots per child as I like to have a good selection, and as you’re essentially shooting blind, it’s handy to have a lot of choice in case you didn’t time the shutter quite right.

I then edit in VSCO as usual, and load to Instagram. 

If you’re a sink bath fan, make sure to tag your photos with #sinkbath and feel free to tag me so I can see and share too!

Also for those interested our ceramic sink and tap are both from IKEA.

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