Updating our living room | Creating a brighter living space

January 11, 2019

After nearly four years, I decided to update our living room. It’s been through a lot in the last few years, especially with two kids breaking the room in too, and I finally thought it was time to have a change up.

I won’t lie, I was partly inspired by Taza and her beautiful bright living room, and wanted to inject a bit of colour to the space and lighten the room. I wanted to create a fun and colourful space, that we can grow as a family in and showcases all the things that we love in one room.

We started with a furniture rearrange which included moving our Kallax grids, to open up the room and let in more light through the windows. We also bought a coffee table which to be honest is pretty major as we haven’t had one for years. We also removed one set of curtains, and replaced with white IKEA blinds which created more light, making the space look bigger and more spacious. I’m planning on getting some fabric paints and letting the boys paint the blinds to make them truly unique. We updated our clock to this bright yellow cuckoo clock and it’s definitely one of my favourite purchases. And we updates our surfaces with lots of bright and colourful additions, including a handblown glass ornament from Homesense that Dann bought for my birthday, and the orange dinosaur plant pot, also from Homesense, that I bought a few months back and has been casually moving around our house until it found it’s forever home here! The lamp is also an oldie from Homesense which I bought a new shade from B&Q for as the grey one it came with felt a little dull for the new brighter move.

For extra colour I added new cushions to the sofa, a new blanket and a new rug to go under the coffee table. And of course the biggest change? Our now pretty famous tropical wallpaper which my Instagram and Facebook totally fell in love with. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever bought for my house, and made me feel well and truly ‘adulty’. I think Dann secretly hates me for buying such a complicated pattern, but OMG I love it so much! I got rid of all the brown walls, and repainted with our beloved Valspar ‘ziggy’. It’s the perfect shade of creamy grey that’s light but warm for the room.

To finish, I’ve revamped our gallery wall, because you know this girl loves a gallery wall. I’ve got all our favourite photos from the last few years, including one of our wedding photos, as well some of my favourite pieces of art, which features the first paintings each of the boys have done at six months old each. I think they might be my favourite of the bunch. All the prints and art have a travel focus to them and are in frames from Ikea, Tesco and Flying Tiger.

On the gallery wall you’ll find:

I have to say I am now so completely obsessed with our new living room. It feels like us.

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