Why you should travel with young kids | plus our 2019 travel plans

January 14, 2019

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a travel bug. A need to travel and explore and see the world. I’m certain it stems from reading a lot of books and my Grandfather’s stories of the trips he took. And my plan is to pass this travel bug onto kids too. Which means taking them travelling as much as possible and from an early age.

I know a lot of people tend to put their travel plans on hold when they have kids and whilst they’re young, but we’ve decided to keep on travelling, even with little ones.

We did postpone some of our travel ideas whilst I was pregnant with Henry, and during his first year, preferring to do UK holidays, and throughout my pregnancy with Dexter too. But we did still travel. We travelled much closer to home, but still introduced Henry, and Dexter, to new places, including Weymouth, Somerset, Poole, Bournemouth, Cambridge and the Isle of Wight.

And they were some of our best memories. Henry still talks about going on the “boat” to the Isle of Wight. His first experience of the British Sea was on a day trip to Hayling Island. Of course, neither boys will likely remember any of these trips in years to come, but they’ve been some of my favourite times in the boys lives, so totally worth it.

Plus I think they gain so much from travelling. Exploring new places is always fun, especially when you’re young and into absolutely everything. They learn so much from some many places, and I think seeing different places and people is so important in growing a unique and learned individual. Our travels shape us, no matter what our age. And seeing new places from the perspective of a toddler is pretty fascinating too. It doesn’t matter if you’ve travelled very far, or within a few hours of hours, or even less. We find just getting outside and exploring is enough to get the excitement going. In fact as I was editing these photos, Henry came over to have a look and recognised the bridge and got all excited again from seeing a place he recognised, and this was only a few minutes up the road from us!

This year, we’re going a step further with our travel plans and have some trips set for much further afield, including our first abroad holiday as a family.

We’re going to be taking a cruise in September 2019 and visiting Bruges, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Le Havre over the course of a week. It’s timed for just before Henry starts pre-school and I’m so excited to go to so many different places. We figured a cruise out of Southampton was just so convenient for us, and gives us pretty much everything we wanted from an all-inclusive holiday (like a pool, meals, drinks, a safe base location), but with more places to visit.

Before that we’re also trekking over to Cornwall for a week, and we’re excited for another British holiday by the sea, though hopefully with better weather than some of our previous trips!

We’re also planning a few weekend breaks across the country, making the most of Bank Holidays where we can, and ticking off our UK bucket list.

For us, it’s about utilising this time before school starts for Henry in 2020 and we’re restricted to travel at weekends or the half terms. Yes we’ll definitely still be travelling when our kids start school, and I’ll pay the inflated prices where needed, but this time is so short, so we’re going to make the most of it. Having kids doesn’t mean stopping your travel plans, it means creating new experiences for your whole family to enjoy.

So what are your travel plans for 2019? And will you be travelling with kids too?

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