Updating our kitchen | Adding open shelves and pops of colour

February 11, 2019

It’s been nearly four years since we moved into our house and completely revamped the kitchen. When we bought our 16 year old house, we knew we had a bit of renovation to do, which included completely ripping out and re-doing our entire kitchen. Which we did. Three weeks after we moved in. You can read about it here.

As we’ve been home a lot more recently, I decided I needed to make use of my time, and do a bit of a kitchen update. And Dann finally completed the pipe boxing section that we’ve been meaning to do since we first renovated.

I turned to Pinterest for a lot of my inspiration, and sticking to a similar theme that I already had, I wanted to brighten the room a little more and make it slightly more neutral.

I ended up going for a white in ‘Teapot’ from Valspar at B&Q for the bulk of the walls. I think we did a total of three coats across all the walls to get the blue covered, but it was totally worth it, even if it did take several weeks of painting during naps and in the evenings to get it done. Inside all the windows and doors I wanted to add a pop of something really dark in colour, to contract with the white, so landed on this ‘midnight’ blue that Dann found. It was basically themed on the colour of the TARDIS in Dr Who because we’re big fans, and I really like the effect it has.

Because we changed to white walls, I thought that the old white shelves would maybe make the room feel too harsh, especially as we still have white door fronts to our kitchen suite. These we changed up to wooden planks, which were so so hard to find in the right depth and length, without costing £70 a plank. I wanted to fit them to the black brackets from IKEA that we already owned, but most places only seemed to have floating oak shelves, which we also knew would struggle with the weight of our kitchen bits. These planks were also B&Q and although they don’t exactly match the worktops, I still think they work in the room. We decided to do two sets of double stacked shelves to increase our storage space and make more of a feature of the wall space.

On the shelves, we have all items that we use a lot. Our plates, bowls and glasses, (all from Tesco) make up most of one shelf, with a few extra mugs. Above them sits our kitchen scales which I used weekly as a minimum, as well as the boys snack basket. We will also be adding glass jars with rice and pasta in, but I haven’t gotten round to getting them from IKEA yet, and totally forgot to get Dann to get some when he went last month!

In the other corner above our tea and sugar tins (both from Homesense) are more mugs and our teapot and cafetieres.

I’m also planning on adding a few more plants to each sent of shelves, especially as the window sills are both getting quite full. And adding some macrame hangers with spider plants and other dropping greenery.

To add some extra warmth, I picked up these oak frames for photos and prints. I wanted to add some of my sink bath photos to the wall and loved this set that I took of the boys back in October, so they’re now a big feature of the room. Yes the boys will probably hate me in years to come for putting photos of them naked on my walls, but they’re some of my favourite and prettiest photos! I also made some tea and coffee inspired prints in Canva (which you can see in the image earlier, and you can buy from my [AD] Etsy shop)for the other wall to help warm that side up too.

I also tidied our shelving unit in the corner, which is actually from the IKEA bathroom section, but didn’t fit in our bathroom properly so ended up in here instead. It now houses our potatoes and onions in an old crate, as well as our tea towels in a basket and our cookery books. On the top is our fruit ball and a few little nicknacks.

The kitchen is now one of my absolute favourite rooms of the house, which is pretty handy as we spend quite a lot of time in here.

I love the mis-matched feel and how everything feels displayed and pretty, but also functional.

As you can see, Dexter is a big fan of the new look!

Have you updated your kitchen recently?

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