Weaning the second time around | getting mucky with homemade purees and finger food

February 26, 2019

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We’ve now been weaning with Dexter for nearly two months so I thought I’d share our journey so far, and what I’ve learnt this time around because frankly it’s been another learning curve and quite different to weaning Henry two years ago – OMGOSH how has it been two years already?

With Henry we weaned at six months and followed Baby Led Weaning BLW (which you can read all about our food journey with Henry here). For Dexter we weren’t 100% sure what we wanted to do, only that we would wean at six months again.

Right away things were different with Dexter as he started to show an interest in food from about five months, trying to grab food or cutlery, something Henry wasn’t hugely interested in. He was definitely more of a milk fan.

As we had the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender from a previous collaboration, I decided I wanted to try a bit of traditional weaning with finger foods. I liked the idea of giving Dexter fruits and veg for his first meals and maybe, just maybe, encouraging him to be a better eater than his big brother – fingers firmly crossed.

Homemade purees have been so easy to make and we’ve been storing them in these Tommee Tippee Pop Up Freezer Pots*, as well as some silicone ice cube trays. We’ve had good success with homemade apple puree and carrot puree which took about 15 minutes in total to make and then freeze. The broccoli is less liked, though I think it’s because its texture is a little thicker than the other two. The machine literally takes care of the whole process which is super handy for me as a busy mum of two. Just pop the fruit or veg or combination there of inside the jug ,lock it in and select the settings. I’ve found most things can be steamed in 15 minutes, especially when cut up small, and I usually do about 200g of it. Then blend for two minutes. The machine does pulse spins throughout the steaming cycle and then pulses and blends the mixture for the amount of time you select. If the consistency isn’t quite right you can add additional blending time at the end. It really is a must for anyone wanting to make really easy purees at home. Tommee Tippee also have some great recipe ideas on their website.

One thing I just did not expect though was how messy traditional weaning was going to be. BLW was incredibly messy, with not a lot of food actually going in, which was fine with Henry, but Dexter seems to really love food. And is a massive puree fan. I’m amazed by how much he eats, and also how much of it seems to spread across his face! I mean, it’s hilarious of course, but so so messy, which I wasn’t expecting as much.

We’ve also used pouches and jars, purely for ease, but are very much looking forward to using some reusable pouches* so I can take homemade stuff out with us.

Alongside the purees, we’ve introduced some finger foods. To be honest, it’s mostly things like veggie puffs, rusks and the occasional piece of veg. I think I struggled with Henry’s BLW because the food we eat tends to have “hidden” veggies so it’s harder to make them big enough for such little hands.

Our next step is to start blending our normal dinners so Dexter can try those, but I think we’re little way off from that as he struggles with thicker textures.

If you’ve got any weaning advice, please do comment below as I’m always happy to hear from other mums, especially about stuff that I’m really only just learning about myself! Any questions also, please do ask! Happy to help if I can.

*items gifted in exchange for inclusion within blog post. Steamer Blender sent in exchange for previous collaboration with Tommee Tippee. Inclusion within this post was not obligated. All opinions are my own. Always discuss weaning with your Doctor or Health Visitor if you have any concerns or questions. 

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