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March 15, 2019

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Motherhood is one of the strangest journeys ever, the hardest, longest and all consuming journey, with the biggest rewards, most of which are intangible. Yes the paintings are treasured forever. And the crafts covered in glitter that sheds EVERYWHERE around the house, are well loved. The hugs and kisses from sticky hands and snotty faces make it all worthwhile. Sweet moments reading stories in bed are fondly remembered in the dead of night. And hearing those soft snores when the little humans in your life FINALLY fall asleep make you want to squeeze them so hard, so they never leave your side.

With Mother’s Day around the corner it’s the perfect time to treat all the mama’s you know. Whether it’s your own mother, or your partner, or your friend.

It’s so easy to get swept up in the little gifts, but how about some gifts to help the mama in your life with her day to day mumming.

Some days are definitely hard, and when you’re feeling a little touched out, or you’ve used your mum voice one too many times in the last afternoon, it’s nice to have a little treat to say “Well Done, you made it through today!”

So here’s a little affordable gift guide ahead of Mother’s Day (which is the 31st March 2019 if you want to add it to your calendars/phone!)

Botonique Non-Alcoholic Drinks*

For the non-drinking mama be that through choice, pregnancy or breastfeeding, treat her to something delicious that will make her forget she can’t have a cocktail right now! The Botonique Non-Alcoholic Drinks are perfect for wine lovers.

Rhubarb Gin*

It’s the drink of the mum’s and the more interesting the flavour the better. Personally I’m a huge fan of Rhubarb (give me a Rhubarb Crumble any day of the week and I’m a happy lady) so am obsessed with this Rhubarb Gin from the Shakespeare Distillery which is a small-batch artisan based in Stratford-Upon-Avon! If you’re not a rhubarb fan then there are plenty of gin gifts at Yumbles to choose from. All their flavours are inspired by their local heritage, specifically the Tudors, and the Tudor Period botanicals. Plus, how beautiful is the bottle?!

Time Bomb Hand Cream*

We all know that mum’s hands are the most hardworking, so they need a treat all to themselves. A bit of a splurge item, but one that all mums will be ever so grateful for. After cleaning faces, hands, bums, surfaces and everything else in between all day, you need a good hydrating hand cream. The Hand to Hand Combat Hand Cream is a mini-mani in a tube! And it’s the perfect size for your change bag or handbag!

Novella Nostalgia Collection*

Bookworms unite. If you’ve got a mama that loves a book, but has trouble finding the time, then the Novella Nostalgia collection, might just be the ideal solution. Not as long as a full length novel, these short stories based on old movies, are perfectly for mums who want to read but also need to sleep/eat/work/clean etc.

Orbis Hill Stainless Steel Straws*

It’s so very important to stay hydrated as a mum, and very easy to forget to drink, but with these stainless steel straws, you have a sustainable swap and a great way to entice mama back into keeping her water levels up. The Orbis Hill Stainless Steel Straws come with silicone tips to protect your teeth and help with drinking hot drinks too. They’re also super easy to clean and come with two mini brushes to keep them in tip top condition.

Pure Leaf Matcha Tea*

A nice alternative to the normal tea and coffee that mums survive on, these Pure Leaf Matcha Teas come in three flavours, original, mint and ginger. Make with hot water, or hot milk for an Instagram worthy Matcha Latte! Also they’re certified by the Rainforest Alliance so you know you’re buying from a responsible tea provider.

Three Mills Wine*

Something between the no-alcohol treat, and the alcohol filled gin, we have the Three Mills Wine which is a low alcohol wine, perfect for weekday evenings when you’ve had a tantrumming toddler, a testy teenager or a belligerent baby. The collection comes in red, white and rose, and is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. It’s available in ASDA, Sainsbury’s and B&M.

Critically Endangered Socks*

No mum is worth her salt without a great collection of socks. Ok this isn’t exactly true, but we all love socks right? And these beauties are not only super soft, but a whopping 20% of the sales goes to causes for endangered animals. Each pair Critically Endangered Socks comes with information about your selected species and what your money is dong to help. Helping to save the planets animals, one pair of warm feet at a time!

Encona Hot Sauces*

Why not spice up your mama’s breakfast and kitchen with a couple of delights from Encona’s Hot Sauce Collection. They have something for every tastebud. Start off with Sourdough, Avocado and Egg Stack with Reaper Hollandaise, featuring their Limited Edition Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce.

Dual Star Map*

The perfect gift for a first time and second time mama, the Dual Star Map from Posterhaste is the gift that every mother wants on her walls. Each poster is customisable down to the headers and footers, co-ordinates and colour schemes. It is also available in a single star map for those first time mamas, but of course with our two boys, I had to have the dual map.

Manuscript Calligraphy Sets*

Perfect for journaling, diaries, birthday cards and invitations, or maybe mum just wants a new hobby to show off on Instagram. These Calligraphy starter kits are a great affordable often for crafty and arty mum’s.

Ada & Alfred Tee*

It’s probably been at least a couple of years since mum has updated her wardrobe so why not show her how awesome she is with one of these Ada & Alfred Mama Tees. They’re amazing quality and made in the UK from an independent mama businesswoman. Also they have a wicked selection of kidswear too!

So you don’t have to stick to the usual box of chocolates and a bunch of over priced flowers this year. Treat your mama to something she’ll remember.

*products marked with a * have been sent as a Press Sample to be included and reviewed within this gift guide – all opinions are my own.

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