Top 3 Family Travel Ideas In The UK

March 21, 2019

Contributive Post*

The UK is home to a load of terrific travel ideas for families young and old. Whether you want a week away to blow off some steam, or just a day out with the kids, there’s an option for everyone on this little island. Check out the ideas below if you need some inspiration on your next staycation:

Center Parcs

I’ll start with the ultimate family getaway; Center Parcs. Now, it’s embarrassing to admit that I thought Center Parcs was the name of just one place that everyone goes to for some time away. But, there are actually multiple locations throughout the UK, so pick and choose which one is best for your family.

What’s so great about Center Parcs? Well, you get cool accommodation in little lodges, and so many awesome activities for the whole family to enjoy. There are indoor activities for kids – such as a massive play area – and there are outdoor activities too. It’s an excellent way for your children to have an adventure holiday, and you can either join in or relax in your lodge or at one of the Center Parcs spas! I’ll leave a video below that gives a good visual representation of what families can enjoy at any of the Center Parcs locations:

A weekend in Windsor

Initially, this idea was going to be Legoland on its own. Legoland is in Windsor, and it’s a fantastic place to take your kids for a day. They’ll love all the amazing lego figures everywhere, and it’s just generally a brilliant day out.

But, then I did some research and realised Windsor, in general, is a great place for families to visit. There’s Windsor Palace, a miniature castle, and plenty of wonderful places to stay. Plus, you can easily get a Legoland taxi from Windsor to the resort, so why don’t you make a weekend out of it?! There’s fun for young children, and fun for adults as well. So, everyone stays happy, meaning there’ll be no complaints on the way home.

A sunny break in Cornwall

Lastly, we make our way to one of the UK’s most iconic places; Cornwall. Famous for clotted cream and delicious scones, Cornwall has so much to offer any family. It’s genuinely beautiful to visit in summer as the weather is almost suspiciously good for the UK. The beaches are some of the best around, and you can even enjoy a variety of watersports too.

It’s the kind of place you go to if you want a summer holiday that doesn’t break your bank. You’ll feel like you’re on holiday, but you don’t have to deal with long plane journeys or overly expensive hotels. There’s enough to see and do here for a whole week or a long weekend – it’s up to you. And we’re very excited to be heading there this year!

You don’t have to venture outside the UK to have a great family experience. These three ideas are excellent if you want a long week away or just a day or two as a family. With the Easter holidays and summer fast approaching, why don’t you consider one of these suggestions?

*Post was contributed to this site – not written by me, but proofed prior to publication.

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