Top Travel Destinations For Young Families

March 4, 2019

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When you have a family, going away on holiday can be quite tricky. You need to think of a destination that is going to be child-friendly as well as have plenty that you and your partner will enjoy as well. Not only that, though, but you will also want to plan a trip to somewhere that is relatively easy to get to. After all, a long-haul trip to Australia with a three-year-old might not be the best idea.

Thankfully, there are lots of great places you can travel to with young children. Most of them are family friendly and will have plenty for different ages to occupy themselves with. To help you book your next vacation for your young family, here are some of the destinations that I think both adults and kids will fall in love with.

London, England

If you just want to take the family on a staycation, then there is no better destination than our capital city. There is so much to do in London with kids, there is just no way you will be able to see and do everything in one visit. At least that is the perfect excuse to book a second trip at a later date! Kids will enjoy exploring the Tower of London and its gory history, and you’ll find more royalty at Buckingham Palace. The Royal Parks provide the perfect spots to enjoy an afternoon stroll when the kids need to blow off some steam.

Mallorca, Spain

If you want to get a bit of sun during your holiday, you should think about booking a trip to Mallorca, one of the Spanish Balearic Islands. It’s the perfect destination for any length of time – you’ll bump into families who are on the island for one or two weeks, and even some who will be staying for a long weekend. If you want to truly relax during your time away, you might want to consider staying in a full-board resort. Lots of resorts have their own kids’ clubs that feature a range of activities and daycare for the little ones. While the kids are having fun, you can relax with a cocktail by the pool!

Jakarta, Indonesia

Even though Indonesia can be quite a long flight away, you can easily find direct flights from most big airports, so it shouldn’t be too unbearable even with young children. The destination is very worth the flight, though! If you take a look at Rumah Kontrakan, you will find some very reasonably priced self-catered accommodation. Jakarta is such a vibrant city and you will find lots to explore and discover. The children will love seeing the decorative temples, and I’m sure they will enjoy playing on the pretty beaches as well!

Brittany, France

Why not hop across the Channel and visit France? It’s a very popular travel destination for families as it’s an affordable destination and there are so many different areas that are great for families. Brittany, a northern region of the country, is a particular favourite with young families. Its coast is absolutely stunning, and the kids will want to spend their days building sandcastles and paddling in the water. There are a lot of seaside resorts to choose for your base, but the best has to be St. Malo, where you will find lots of convenient facilities and amenities.

Florida, USA

If you want to go on an epic adventure with the whole family this year, you should consider Florida. Sure, there are all of the very famous theme parks, including Disney World and Epcot, but there is so much more to this sunny state. For instance, the state is the home to the Kennedy Space Center where the little ones will be able to learn a lot about space travel. If you want to see some beautiful nature, spend a day wandering around the Everglades National Park.

Isle Of Wight, UK

Another great staycation destination has to be the Isle of Wight. Again, this is a top seaside spot, which both kids and adults will really enjoy. There’s a steam railway as well as the UK’s oldest theme park on the island. It’s easy to get to the Isle of Wight and accommodation can be reasonably priced if you book well in advance.

There are so many great travel destinations for young families – you might be spoiled for choice! Hopefully, this list helps narrow it down for you when you are trying to think of somewhere to go.

Have a great holiday!

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