What to do this Mother’s Day

March 11, 2019

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If you have a mama like me, or you’re actually a mother like me, you’ll find that the very best gifts are the experiences you can give. Don’t get me wrong, I love a wrapped present as much as the next person, but I love to celebrate special days with something that we can include the kids with too.

So today I’ve compiled a list of ideas for you to do this Mother’s Day with the adventure mama in your life!

Country Park Trip

Possibly my personal favourite is exploring a local Country Park. With a toddler and a baby, getting outside is always a quick win. Grab your baby carriers, coats, welly boots and stock up the car with a picnic and some car snacks, because every journey needs car snacks in order to have a comfortable journey. If, like us, you’re in the market for a new car seat for the little one then we’ve found that there are a great range of car seats for sale from Kiddies Kingdom. Whether you’re travelling to either the local, or far away, Country Park, you’ll find something for everyone there including play equipment for the kids, a hot drink cafe for mum and dad and lots of fresh air and fun for the whole family.

Afternoon Tea

If you have a tea loving mama who adores cake, then this is the one for you. Put on some fancy clothes and find your best local afternoon tea. This isn’t just a treat for mum either, because the kids that are old enough will enjoy the unique setting and experience. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good afternoon tea. Add a champagne package to make it extra special.

Trip to a National Trust Site

Similar to the Country Park visit, this is always a solid idea for a day out. Search the National Trust website for your nearest location and pack up the car for a day discovering somewhere new. This is particularly useful if the weather isn’t all that great.

Local Farm or Zoo Visit

Another one that we’re big fans of is the local farm and zoo visit. Mother’s Day has perfect timing for all those beautiful baby animals, so both mum and kids are happy. Plus you really can’t beat the education factor at the farm with little kids.

Shop your Garden Centre

Personally I’m a big fan of a garden centre. Lots of plants. A collection of trinkets. Cake and tea. Great for mum to spend some pennies, and the kids to have a run around. Fun for everyone.

So there you go, just a few little ideas to get mama out of the house and getting in some more adventures.

Visit the Grandparents

Why not spend the day with all the mamas, young and old. Take along toys for the kids, and get them to show Grandma and maybe even Great Grandma how their tech works. We’ll be taking our new Kiddies Kingdom walker and rocker* which we were kindly sent so Dexter, and Henry can show off their own wheels to the Grandparents!

P.S. how cute are these photos from my very first Mother’s Day back in 2017 with an 8 month old Henry! Yes I am getting all the feels right now!

*Post written in collaboration with Kiddies Kingdom in exchange for products. All opinions and content are my own.

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