Kid’s Retreat: Adding The Magic To A Children’s Bedroom

April 24, 2019

Contribution Post*

You’ll always want your little ones to have a peaceful night’s sleep. And, if you’ve got their bedroom routine down (congratulations), you’ll always be halfway there, in regards to everyone having a great day. However, your child’s bedroom is an environment that can offer so much more than simply a place for them to nod-off for the night. Their bedroom space can provide a place to learn, develop, imagine, and spend some quality time, either playing or unwinding, during the daylight hours too. Luckily, there are an array of ways you can boost your kid’s room interior space, and bring plenty of magic so that it becomes somewhere they can’t wait to spend some time.

With so much inspiration online, it might feeling a little overwhelming as to where to start in regards to decorating or updating their bedroom. However, as long as you take into account their age, what they love, and what the room needs to provide; you’ll be most of the way there already. Start a list, and have some fun with your plans. The following are some ideas and advice for parents who are about to ensure that their child’s bedroom is a place they love for the foreseeable future.

A Place For Imagination

Imagination is what will fuel your child’s development, and ensure that they have plenty of fun in the meantime. Therefore, it’s important to add plenty of things that will give your little one the chance to play and create, and take themselves into an environment that excites them (whether it’s real or not). Think about items that can encourage imaginative play; miniature items and toys like Melody Jane Dolls Houses, child-size kitchens, and figurines, are great ways to allow them to create their own worlds and scenarios. Depending on their age, you can ask for their help in regards to decorating and arranging items in the room so that their thought process is involved from the get-go.

A Cosy Environment

After all that excitement and playing, you’ll still want to provide your little one with a space they can retreat to, for some relaxation and the ability to unwind calmly before bed or nap time. Therefore, it’s worth creating a cosy, soft area, of the room, where there are soothing textures and lighting, to read a book, watch a film, or listen to a story. Cushions, rugs, throws, and fairy lights are great ways to create a den or a soft environment, perfect for unwinding. Take a look online to get inspired by some of the nooks, and snugs, that people have created for their kids.

Little Touches

The little, decorative touches that adorn the room, like artwork, photos, lighting, and the print on any fabrics, are where you can involve your kids again. Ensuring that the space suits their developing personalities and characters will help to ensure that they feel magic whenever they’re in their bedroom, and you’ll have a room to be proud of too.

*this is a contributed guest post – checked and edited by myself.

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