10 Things Never To Do When Traveling With Your Family

May 4, 2019

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Travelling with your family is an incredible opportunity to make new memories, bond, and let off some steam from work and school. However, there are a few things you should never, ever do when travelling with your family. Do you know what they are? Chances are, you’ll do some of them without even realising it if you don’t read this guide. Take a look and you might just save your next trip!

1. Setting Your Expectations Too High

Setting your expectations too high will lead to disappointment. Let’s face it; there’s no such thing as a squabble free trip where family are concerned. If you set your expectations too high, you’ll become disgruntled at the slightest disagreement. Go in with no expectations, and do your best to stay mindful and be in the moment. When you let go of every expectation, you’ll end up having a much better time as you won’t feel dejected at the first hurdle!

2. Traveling Without Checking The Dates On Your Passports

Always, always check the dates on your passports as early on as you can. Depending on where you’re travelling, you’ll likely need a minimum of six months remaining on your passport. Check everyone dates over at least twice so you can be sure that you have enough time left. You don’t want to end up cancelling your vacation or spending a fortune to fast track a passport because you didn’t check!

3. Trying To Do Absolutely Everything in The Area You’re Visiting

When visiting a new location, it can be tempting to try to fit absolutely everything you find into your schedule. Don’t! Your kids will need wind down times and relaxing times. They’ll also need far more rest stops and snacks than you. Rushing from one place to another too much will take all of the enjoyment out of it and exhaust the entire family. Plan a few key things and leave plenty of time open to just see what you feel like doing. You might want to relax by the pool, people watch, or take a nap. You never know!

4. Staying Somewhere Without Reading Third Party Reviews

Never stay somewhere without reading a few third party reviews first. This will give you an idea of the amenities nearby, facilities, and how far away you’ll be from the main action. You could always look for an apartment for privacy, and they can be useful if you plan on staying in the area for a while. For instance, you’ll be able to find an apartment for rent in singapore monthly fairly easily if you’re staying in the area.

5. Getting Flights With Layovers

Never get flights with layovers if you’re traveling with your family. They can add a lot of unnecessary stress to your trip. If you want to save money by buying indirect flights, at least have long layovers to make sure you have plenty of time to make your next flight. What if one of your children is desperate for the toilet and you only have a short while to catch the flight? It’s always better to spend the extra money and get direct flights for this reason.

6. Relying On Hotels/Airlines For Entertainment

Always take your own entertainment with you. Relying on hotels and airlines for entertainment will leave you bitterly disappointed. In some cases, you won’t even get reading material! However, this will depend on who you are flying with and how long the flight is. Don’t automatically assume that if your flight is 6 hours long you’ll get entertainment. Many families have made this mistake and ended up bored with screaming kids. Take as much as you can to stay occupied.

7. Forgetting The Small Stuff

The small stuff can make a significant difference to your trip. Bandaids, medicine, and even lollipops can help to keep everybody safe and sane. Make a little list so you know what to take. You can’t always rely on picking up what you need when you get to your destination, so keep this in mind.

8. Travelling Without Booking Things In Advance

You’re going to want to book a few things in advance to make your trip easier. Transport to and from the airport, for example, is always better booked in advance so you know exactly what you’re doing when you get to the airport. You might want to book some theme park and water park tickets too, as you’ll often get discounts for booking in advance. You may even be able to get discounts for children of certain ages.

Just remember not to book too much, as you’re going to want free time to decide what you want to do at certain points throughout your trip.

9. Forgetting About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must if you’re traveling with your family as well as anything with value. Travel insurance will cover you if something does go wrong, so you can have peace of mind. Don’t automatically go for the cheapest cover; make sure you read the small print and that it suits your trip and what you think you need.

10. Overpacking To Within An Inch Of Your Life

You’re probably tempted to pack numerous items that you own, but overpacking will only stress you out more. You’ll have so much to lug around with you as well as your family, you’ll probably always feel like you’re forgetting something. Try to keep things light by planning to wear outfits more than once, keeping cosmetics to a minimum, and being vigilant with yourself as you pack.

Hopefully you’ve now got a good idea of the things you should never do when traveling with your family. Pay attention to these, as your trip could end in disaster if you make some of the mistakes. Imagine not having travel insurance and the worst happening, or arriving at the airport to realise your passport is out of date?

Leave your thoughts below and have a great trip!

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