Fun filled family activities that are kind to your wallet

May 11, 2019

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It’s great spending time with the kids; making lots of memories, enjoying each other’s company, helping them to enjoy new experiences and exploring the world together. And now that summer is on the way and warm weather is fast approaching, you’re going to need a whole load of activities to keep your little ones busy and fully entertained! However, entertaining the kids isn’t always budget friendly, whether that’s amusement arcades, petting zoos, theme parks, water parks, zoos, concerts – the list goes on! All these things soon add up – click the link to find out more about investments and investment pieces – so, with this in mind, I’ve come up with five fun filled family activities that you can all enjoy and that are kind to your wallet too.

Have fun!

Go for a walk

Just because you’re heading outdoors doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune! Taking the family on a long walk through the beautiful countryside is great way to blow away the cobwebs, spend some time together and let the kids burn off some energy. Head to your nearest national park, woodland trust, along the beach or even somewhere you used to enjoy walking when you were a child. Take a delicious picnic and you can head out for the entire day!

Flex those green fingers

All kids love getting their hands dirty, so why not let them loose in the garden? Your little ones will love choosing some seeds, planting them in the ground, watering and then cultivating them into beautiful blooms. It takes a lot of patience but it’s a wonderful project that will certainly keep them occupied for weekends to come. Alternatively, head to your local supermarket or garden centre and pick up some bedding plants and plant pots. You can spend an afternoon potting the plants and making the garden burst with colour.

A dance party

Boost their coordination and their creativity with a super fun dance party in the living room. Put on your favourite playlist – or kids friendly songs and let them dance, boogie and wiggle away for hours. You could have a competition as to who has the wiggliest or the funniest moves!

Rock painting

This activity is the one that keeps on giving! Next time you’re out and about, pick up some decent sized and flat stones. Take them home and let the kids paint them all kinds of colours and styles. Then, next time you’re out you can hide them for others in the neighbourhood to find! If the kids write messages on the rocks asking for them to be re-hidden who knows where they’ll end up…who knows, you might start spotting some yourself!

Tent life

Having a tent to play with in the garden is great fun. Not only will it provide shelter and shade from the elements, but it allows the children to use their imaginations. If they’re too young to sleep out don’t worry, you can all gather at the end of the day, roast some marshmallows and do a but of stargazing.

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