Money saving hacks for the SAHP

May 9, 2019

The worst thing about starting a big money-saving drive is that it hurts. You can’t suffer your austerity campaign for long as it can get really boring and more often than not you crack and end up going on a big splurge. It’s actually much better to develop some good habits and use a few smart hacks to save money without really noticing! Being a new SAHM and being self-employed, obviously has its merits, but can make money a stressful thing in your home life.

These are the seven best thrift hacks that you can keep by your side for years. And still have fun and purchase things you need and want!

Clear your browser cache after each online shop

When you shop online, or even if you’re just window-shopping and comparing prices, you should clear your cache before actually buying anything. Loads of retailers, airlines and service providers monitor your searches and if you’re always looking at flights to Palermo you might notice them getting a bit more expensive. It’s a really good idea to use the guest option when you’re going to an online retailer as you might even get the odd freebie or discount code as you look as if you’re a new customer.

Carry cash

Watching a stash of physical cash dwindle is almost guaranteed to make
you more sensible and cautious. You should draw out a certain amount of
cash at the beginning of each week/month and try to have some left over at the end. I do this almost solely right now as my only guaranteed income is my child benefit.It’s a good idea to use a budget calculator like the one on this website so you can set and monitor your spending over the weeks, months and even years.

You should never stop improving your credit rating

Don’t get complacent just because your credit rating is already great. The
chances are that you can still raise it by a few more points and this can
help you to save money. You won’t just find it easier to get credit, you’ll
probably get it at lower interest rates; a great rating can also make
insurance and mobile phone contracts a bit cheaper, too.

Wait until the end of the month to make bigger purchases

If you’re buying something bigger, like a conservatory or new windows, and you’re talking to a sales rep, then wait until the end of the month.
Most reps have a quota to meet and if they haven’t quite met their
monthly target then securing your business, even if they have to give you a discount, could help them. We’re going to be using this tactic next year when we need to upgrade our car!

Use unbranded goods

Almost all own-brand foods and goods use the same components and
ingredients as the pricier branded versions so always read the ingredients list before turning down the basics option – you’ll usually be pleasantly surprised.

Buy a water filter

If you’ve got a bottled water habit then you can save some money by investing in a water filter and a few reusable bottles. It’ll cost more initially, of course, but you’ll be doing your wallet and the world’s beaches a favour. On the water front, save money and water by chucking the kids in a sink bath instead of filling the tub – now you know why I chose these photos for this post!

Display a bit of chutzpah

Just drop your Britishness and be cheeky with retailers every now and then. This doesn’t mean rude, in fact, that’ll be counterproductive;
instead, have a laugh and ask the girl behind the counter if there’s a 10%
discount for Game of Thrones fans this week. It might work, it might not,
but you’ll probably have fun anyway.

What are your top money saving hacks?

*post has been contributed to this site. Edited and checked by me. Photos by Heather Lerryn Photography – gifted with no obligation to share!

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