Our kids reading routine

May 2, 2019

Being an avid reader, lover of books and keen writer I’m pretty adamant that reading is instilled in our kids from a young age. It’s an important part of our daily routine and one I really love.

Today I’m going to share how and when we read stories along with some of our favourite story and picture books. You can shop the while lot and more on my Amazon Associate* page here.

Since Henry was a baby we’ve read a book to him at bedtime pretty much without fail every single night. We split our bedtimes nowadays with Dann doing Dexter’s bedtime, and myself doing Henry’s. Dann is about to start reading to Dexter to get him used to listening to his voice as he goes to sleep.

We started with picture books at bedtime but recently found Henry was getting distracted and inevitably making bedtime a harder and longer experience. So we’ve moved onto proper novels. We started with Tom Fletcher’s Christmasauraus, which does include illustrations but bring black and white they’re a little less vibrant meaning they’re much better for bedtime when you want less stimulation. We usually read a chapter or two and Henry falls asleep but we both get the enjoyment. I’ve loved the two Tom Fletcher books I’ve read so far (The Creakers being the other) and would highly recommend.

Currently we’re reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which was Henry’s request which I was more than happy to oblige. I mean any excuse for a Harry Potter boom is fine by me.

We’ve also read a few Roald Dahl books in our time which I love. His written style is so easy to read out loud and Tom Fletcher’s is quite reminiscent of the same style.

For picture books we tend to read them throughout the day and try to use them in the late afternoons around dinner time as a to to slow down and create some calm as the day comes to a close.

As Henry is a huge animal fan a lot of our books feature creatures big and small as well as a lot of dinosaur books.

As for storing our books, we actually have them dotted all over the house. We have a basket of books in the living room on our newly converted reading bench. We have a box of books in the playroom alongside some of our larger cardboard books. We find keeping the sturdier books in reach of the kids is better as accidents do happen with the paper ones. And lastly, about 80% of our children’s book collection is in our giant Kallax unit in Henry’s bedroom. We’ve got most of our paper books there, as well as the novels for kids, and our collections.

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