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June 21, 2019

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll have seen this post already, but if not, I’ve decided to start sharing my newsletter updates as blog posts too, because I think you’ll enjoy the content, but email isn’t for everyone. This month I decided to start theming my newsletter content,and alongside that I’ll be theming all my blog content to match it too. This month, I’m talking creativity and Instagram.

The thing about Instagram, it can be a wonderful place. I’ve met so many incredible people, made close friends, connected to people that I speak to on a weekly basis and been inspired almost daily. But it can also be a toxic environment, making you beat yourself up and question almost everything about yourself.

For the most part I take social media with a pinch of salt. I follow accounts that post photos that are beautiful, but generally attainable as well. I avoid too many that use a lot of photoshop (although these accounts obviously have a lot of talent and create amazing photos) because it isn’t something I can replicate. I follow a few home accounts but not too many. Mostly I try to follow account like my own. Curated, but with a dash of real life.

Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t always favour those photos. The photos that do the best are the ones that are remarkable and that stand out. Which is obvious and understandable. Of course those that have spent hours creating a magical impossible photo should get the credit back with lots of exposure.

But it can leave the rest of us who just don’t have the time for photoshop, or the want to learn it, behind in the dust. And our pretty candid photos get fewer likes. And that can be hard to swallow. Sometimes I get amazing engagement, and I’m utterly over the moon when this happens. Seeing so many people love on a photo you’ve taken, or posed for, is a pretty great feeling. But they also tend to be the ones that you’ve specifically taken. So when ‘your oh so cute candid shot’ gets less than half the likes of your other photos, well it can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

But I’ve decided to care a little less. And also, more importantly, think about what images I enjoy taking and uploading. I do love sharing photos of the boys. but I also want to live in the moment. I love candid photos, but they can be a struggle. I love interior photos, so I want to incorporate that, probably with the boys.

And I’m going to have fun with Instagram again.

A few new things on Instagram to keep us creators inspired.

@littlepaperswan and @edinburghwithkids have collaborated yet again to bring the #summerhashtagchallenge. Nine weeks of prompts with lots of lovely interaction, and a great little community. This is by far one of my favourite part of Instagram and I am really looking forward to taking part in this summer challenge.

The beloved #whp challenges from @instagram themselves seemed to have gone a little AWOL. So the community came up with an answer. Create their own! Every week a new challenge is set and they have been amazing so far, with the favourites shared on the @communitywhp_ instagram page. A whole bunch of amazing creatives have gotten behind the account, and each sponsor a different week coming up with the theme and choosing a winner. This is why I love Instagram!

Three Happy Things

1. Our Henry turning three with a trip to Paulton’s Park

2. Looking forward getting more flowers from @bloomandwild #letterboxflowers as part of my current collab with them. P.S. flowers are a great Instagram tool!

3. Feeling inspired to get taking photos again!

One of my favourite blog posts I’ve written this year is my Flora and Fauna Instagram Calendar which basically covers as much as I could think of for the stereotypical seasonal Instagram photos. Think bluebell woods, pumpkins, and lavender fields. I’ve got when you’re most likely to find them, and where the best places to find them are. You’ll also find a bunch of my own photos from over the years too. Needless to say I’ll be using this myself so I don’t miss out on a photoshoot opportunity!

Until next time, see you soon!

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