Your day out with the kids checklist

June 3, 2019

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Whether you’re a mum, dad, honorary “auntie” or a family friend, if you’re taking the little ones out for the day then you need to be prepared!

Whether you’re sitting in the garden, enjoying the sun shining through the trees – check out The Tree Center for some garden inspiration – or you’re considering going somewhere different. Luckily, summer is the perfect excuse to head out of the house and enjoy exploring new places, trying new experiences and spending some quality time together.

But, what should you take with you? You need to be prepared but not dragging around the equivalent of a suitcase with you all day. So, with all this in mind, I’ve come up with a minimal checklist containing the absolute essentials for a good day out.

Good luck!

Sun protection

The sun’s rays are certainly warm and welcoming throughout summer. There’s something exciting about waking up to glorious sunshine pouring through your bedroom window. However, the sun’s rays can be harmful, and we need to take precautions – especially the little ones and their skin. So, put together a sun protection pack. A high factor sun cream, sun hats for everyone, sunglasses, and of course bottles of water (reusable is better for the environment and it’ll save you a fortune) you if store the pack in the car then you’re less likely to forget it!


Those little tummy rumbles can cause absolute havoc. There’s no reasoning with a little one that’s hungry! So, stop those hunger pangs in an instant and put together a little snack pack. Crisps, breadsticks, rice cakes, crackers, fruit and vegetable sticks. Maybe even a little sweet treat or two for good behaviour. Again, planning ahead will certainly help reduce your spending while you’re out and about.

Spare clothes

Kids and the unexpected often happens. Whether that’s a spilt drink in a café, a drippy ice lolly, or a tumble into a muddy puddle. Having a spare set of clothes to hand can literally save the day! Don’t worry about fancy outfits, just keep it simple – shorts, t-shirts and spare socks and pants. A hoodie is usually a good idea too and always keep a towel in the car for emergencies!

Spare change

It’s a fact that we’re carrying cash less and less these days. But sometimes having a little spare change on us is handy when you’re out with the kids. A little cash is ideal for those off the cuff activities they see and want to try, or having a quick trip around the arcades, ice creams from stands that don’t take card payments etc. If they bring their own pocket money, they could get themselves a souvenir!

A fully charged phone

You might have been up since 6am and your smartphone has been keeping your company. But keep an eye on your battery life. Streaming music for the car ride, using map applications and then taking photographs and videos, then uploading to social media can really drain your juice, so be wary of your usage in case you need it for an emergency!

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