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July 3, 2019


It’s been a busy month, with two birthdays just two weeks apart from each other, and a big build going on in the garden. We don’t have the largest garden on the planet, and have wanted to make the most of the space we have. We generally take bikes and footballs to the park, so we thought a better way to use the garden space, and enable of cheeky monkeys, was with a new Wickey climbing frame*.


Our garden isn’t the biggest garden ever. It’s a modest size, with a lot of the original space taken up by the conservatory that the previous owners added. we’ve filled the edge with stuff and although the boys do love a run around, it isn’t the best surface. So whilst the kids are still little we wanted to make the garden into a place they would enjoy playing in. Plus a climbing frame was something I always wanted as a kid, and we all know us parents buy our kids the things we couldn’t have. So Wickey helped our garden dreams come true.

The Build

We built the Funflyer climbing frame* over a few weekends, mostly due to weather (why has it rained so much this June?), and time. Having a couple of little helpers does tend to slow things down. We also had to contend with the garden trying to fight back (you can read about this in the safety section of this post towards the end). However you could easily do this in a day with a couple of sets of good building hands, no kids, decent weather and a flat garden.

That being said, it isn’t a difficult build. It’s pretty logical and with the right tools, just about anyone with a tape measure, drill, ratchet and spirit level, can put this together without too much of a struggle.

You can watch the whole build on a timelapse in the video at the bottom of this post soon.


The kids did play on this before we put the anchors in, but obviously were supervised, and it was already incredibly sturdy. And it has totally transformed the space, and even with our smaller space, it fits perfectly, leaving plenty of room to run around as well!

Play Time

Our climbing frame included a wave slide, rope ladder and basic swing seat. We chose to upgrade our seat to this beautiful wooden deck chair style baby seat, from their wooden swing seat collection, as both boys can use it. To be honest, I’m obsessed with the new seat and sort of wish it was available for adults too as it is just so nice and super comfy. The two hanging accessories clip on and off easily, which means we can put the seat away with it rains to keep it in as best condition as possible for as long as possible. Or switch accessories like we have done. The basic swing seat Henry uses now, and when we have friends over. Henry full on loves the rope ladder, and we’re looking into making our own tire swing too so we can swap it out.

Wickey do a huge range of accessories for their climbing frames, including climbing rocks, play wheels and toy phones, to name just a few so you can fully personalise your climbing frame to your children’s likes. I’m thinking we might need to get a steering wheel as Henry loves them.


One of the big things to ensure when building a climbing frame is the safety aspects for using it afterwards. Wickey recommend that you purchase ground anchors with all their climbing frame sets, and these should be set with concrete to ensure that they can’t move and aren’t susceptible to subsidence. We have done this, but it does add some extra time to your build,especially if you have hard clay ground to dig like we dig. However it is 110% worth the effort.


We’re also putting together a little vlog/timelapse so you can see the whole build, coming soon!

Huge thanks to Wickey for collaborating on this project. I think this must be the best gift we’ve ever gotten the boys, and I’m not sure how we’re ever going to out do ourselves now?!

*climbing frame was gifted as part of the collaboration with Wickey to review with honest opinions. We paid separately for the baby seat and ground anchors. Ground anchors should be purchased with all Wickey climbing frames to ensure their safety. Follow the enclosed instructions carefully.

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