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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

FASHION: Unicorn Shoes at Irregular Choice

I have a little bit of a shoe problem. Its been an issue since I was able to walk in heels. My mother nicknamed me Imelda Marcos due to my ever expanding shoe collection.
I like them high and beautiful, and occasionally just a little bit different.
So when I found Irregular Choice is was pretty amazed.

This brand has a massive collection of unusual and unique shoes and boots (and bags, jewellery and clothing, might I add) and they have a particular shoe that I am head over heels in love with! Pun 100% intended.

Launching tomorrow (6th February 12pm GMT) is there brand new unicorn shoe collection - and they are the magical queen of all shoes. These 4inch heels are basically wedge shoe boots with the wedge replaced with a Unicorn head. I think this is every little girls dream pair of shoes.

Personally I love the black with gold stars and the beautiful gold fringed ones.

And if you love these you'll also love their Flopsy heels too:

These run on a limited edition run so they sell out SUPER fast.
Rabbit (Flopsy) heels – SOLD OUT IN 1Hrs 48mins
Gnome (Chuckle) Heels – SOLD OUT IN 1hr 11mins
Santa (Dreamy) Heels – SOLD OUT IN 13mins 46secs

So make sure you get in fast. 

Keep an eye on their Instagram pages for updates 

What's your favourite Irregular Choice design?


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