The healthy cat food challenge

August 8, 2016

We’re cat people. Any long time readers will know we are cat lovers, and our boys have been featured a number of times on this blog – such as this post on 15 things only cat owners will understand or this guide ahead of buying a cat.

Our cats are indoor cats (which you can read about here) and with that comes extra responsibility to ensure they are as healthy as possible, and most importantly not gaining too much weight. Because they are less active their diet is really vital to ensure they are as healthy as possible.

We were recently contacted by Vet’s Kitchen* to take on their Healthy Cat Food Challenge. As part of the challenge we fed our cats the Vet’s Kitchen grain-free hypoallergenic and sensitive digestion hypoallergenic dry food for one month.

Vet’s Kitchen’s cat food has been developed with very high meat content that gives your cat over 40% protein, moderated levels of ash and more herbs to aid in urinary tract health and prebiotics for digestive health which ticks all the boxes for us and more. You answer some questions about your pet and they recommend the best food bag to purchase to work with your cats, or dogs needs. 

Over our one month trial we noticed a couple of changes in our cats. 
The first was improved fur, especially in Archimedes whose jet black fur is definitely shinier and softer. And his dandruff has cleared too!  Dante, despite developing some knots in his fur (which wasn’t linked to the food, and more to do with his habit of rolling all over the floor) is also much softer and the knots easier to comb out which was a true blessing.

We also found that Dante had fewer hairballs over the month. Being a long haired cat who loves to groom himself he gets quite a few hairballs. Since the introduction of the Vet’s Kitchen food the number of hair balls has more than halved.

They both also seem to be a little thinner, which isn’t a bad thing as they are both large cats – not overweight but as indoor cats we have to monitor their weight carefully.

^^I couldn’t resist posting these photos of Dante!!^^

All in all we’d highly recommend this food for cat owners. I don’t often do really specific reviews but this brand really does deliver, and works out cheaper per portion than our previous food. Plus when we mentioned the trial to our vets (we were in for fleaing and worming) they confirmed that they would also recommend it as a food brand. In fact our vet is buying the brand as Archimedes went in for a teeth clean but was sent home without any treatment as the food had cleaned his teeth beautifully so it didn’t seem necessary to but him under for the clean! A nice saving of £99 for us!

You can pick up your own tailor-made cat food, or dog food over at Vet’s Kitchen.

*samples provided for review

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