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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Henry's four month update

So we're at four months!
Four months of being parents, and being responsible for a small human!
Not going to lie, I still can't believe he's mine, that we created this little person who takes up our whole lives. People really don't exaggerate when they say kids take over your life!

Our little guy has changed so so much in the first four months of his life, and although it has been a rollercoaster, I don't think I'd change it for the world.

He's becoming such an inquisitive little lad, and loves stuffing anything and everything into his mouth. It's been so much fun watching him learn to grab things and almost hug them and then hold them to his face. Admittedly, although seeing him learn has been really rewarding, getting through the development leap has been tricky. We had a number of restless and sleep depriving nights, as well as lots of grizzles. But for the most part he's managed to stay his happy and laughing self.

About our little four month old:
He has a tickly spot behind his armpit which is hilarious as he shakes with laughter when you gently brush your fingers over the spot.
He is 'chatting' lots and lots now, and loves it when you talk to him.
His favourite song is 'hush little baby' which I sing to him at nap times.
He loves his IKEA cat rattles - they're excellent for grabbing and holding.
He's really loving sink baths at the moments - we're excited for bath toys soon.
He loves being sat up like a little person.
He still hates tummy time, and just tries to chew his hand instead.
He's just levelled up to level 2 teats which is crazy!
He's also now in 3-6 month clothing.Where did my tiny baby go?
He's at the 50th percentile on the growth chart!
He loves my friend Ellisha, and of course adores his Auntie Alice. Blogger coffee dates are always a win with Henry.
He's had his final set of jabs until he's a year old (thank goodness because mumma is not a fan!!)
He's officially registered to attend nursery in June 2017 and we adore his nursery so much.
He brings us more joy than I could have ever imagined!

I'm totally in love with this little gremlin of mine! Happy four months little munchkin.

Sleepsuit & hat - Next
Cat rattle - Ikea

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