Liptensity with Mac Cosmetics

October 6, 2016

You all know about my love of lip colours right?
I’m usually a budget girl when it comes to make up. Yes I like good quality but I don’t relish paying out lots of money for lipstick – well that is until recently.

Being close friends with a number of beauty bloggers means I’m getting a real education in make up and the pros of paying a little more for a great brand.
I have to admit the two brands on the top of my wishlist for lipstick is Urban Decay and Mac, so when Mac Cosmetics in Southampton’s Westquay invited bloggers to their recent lip launch I was really excited to learn a little more about the brand and what they had to offer. 

The Liptensity range is brand new to Mac and promises ultra pigmented lipsticks to create intense and vibrant colour. The range was researched and produced with the help of individuals who can see true colour. There is a special word for it that the Mac make up artists used but I can’t remember it for the life of me. Anyway, the basic idea is that these people can see true colour intensity, so the colour of the lipstick is the true colour, and what you’ll get on your lips will be exactly the same.

The lipsticks are a gel based lip colour that melts to your lips creating a vibrant and intense colour with a creamy and lightweight texture. Although it starts out as a creamy lip colour, it does dry to a nice, not too drying, matte. It should last a good eight hours, though, the darker colours (as seen on Alice below) do wear a little faster.

I tested out Fireworks, a really bright red, in the orange/red bracket which I really loved. 

Thank you to Team Southampton at Mac for the lovely event and letting us try out some of your goodies. I’ll definitely be back soon for my lippie fix!

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