6 things that every tattooed girl knows to be true

Did you know that as soon as you get a big visible tattoo life kinda changes a bit! 

Now I’ve been extensively tattooed for some time now, like 5 years (I started my right sleeve at 22) so I guess I know a thing or two about living with tattoos now!

As I’m working on bringing more tattooey (is that a word? Yeah sure, let’s stick with it!) content to the blog here’s xx things that every tattooed girl goes through.

1. To tights or not to tights
Want to show off all the colour collection on your pins, but also live in the UK where it’s freezing 70% of the year.

2. Personal space rescinded 30 seconds after tattoo completion
Apparently the minute you have a sleeve it’s the universal symbol that your arms are not off limit to strangers. Strangers will stroke your arms,  especially when they’ve had a drink, and give you their full opinion and tattoo history, whether you want it or not.

3. Patterned clothing becomes somewhat questionable
Depending on whether you enjoy a clash of colours and patterns does make this one a yay or nay situation. Personally my tattoos are so bright that I prefer simple clothing. So as much as I may love that jacquered pattern dress, it just isn’t going to make it to my wardrobe.

4. Forgetting about the back piece until the summer
I always get a surprise in the summer when I wear a swimsuit/bikini for the first time in public and get a lot of stares from behind…. Oh yes, I have a pair of tigers on my back…. Thank goodness, I thought I had a bum cheek escaping my briefs….Oh wait!

5. Getting mistaken for a tattooist when you’re really a receptionist

Or whatever you’re day job is (obvs if you are actually a tattooist than well they made a bloody good guess). Not sure why everyone always asks heavily tattooed girls if they’re a tattooist, but never ask blokes the same question. 

6. The awkward thank you

Now this one could apply to anyone with a tattoo, though men tend to just say “yeah it’s by such and such” in response to “oh wow that tattoo is awesome” or similar. Us girls tend to say “thank you” which is kind of odd to say, as although it’s a lovely compliment it’s not really aimed at you per se, as you didn’t really do any of the work bar sit still (I know for some tattoos that is enough work on it’s own admittedly).

What have I missed from my tattoo girl list?


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