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Friday, 28 April 2017

Thank You Notes #1 - the Wedding Edition

Anyone else absolutely in love with this month and all the sunshine it's brought with it? Cos I know I am besotted!

So I love a blog series, and one of my absolute favourites is the Little Letters by Love Taza. I love little lists of things (my never ending to-do list is an example of this) so I thought I'd start my own!
I've always been big on Thank You notes, an instilled habit from my mother, and I wanted to create something cute and happy. So the Thank You Notes blog series has come to life.

So here goes... my April Thank You Notes - the Wedding Edition!

Thank you Tesco for Jaffa Cake ice cream because it is heaven in a tub!

Thank you Spring for all the blossom trees - my Instagram thanks you immensely.

Thank you Ninny for very cute short dungarees, Henry looks hella cute, and I'm totally obsessed with dungas!

Thank you Henry for developing the cutest scrunchy nosed excited laugh. It's my absolute favourite thing to see and makes me laugh every single time!

Thank you Barry M for creating something in Peanut Butter that I actually love. (it's their gel shine nail varnish in PB colour and it's BEAUTIFUL!)

Thank you Argos for the cutest paddling pool ever! So looking forward to getting it filled and out in the garden this summer.

Thank you to my sister Steph and her new husband Chris for a beautiful Easter Wedding, we had the best day!! Oh and thanks for the Creme Egg supply!

Thank you to ASOS for creating this beauty of a dress (now available in PINK too) and making me feel rather fabulous for the whole day!

Thank you little lambies for coming into the world and being super duper cute for our country walks!

Thank you Easter for Hot Cross Buns (Henry loves them!) and the aforementioned Creme Eggs!!

Thank you Tangle Angel for creating the prettiest and best hair brushes ever! I'm officially in love with my Tangle Angel* and Shine Angel*! And so is my post-partum hair.

I'll be posting a new Thank You Notes on the last Friday of every month, so stayed tuned!!

Photos taken whilst Henry napped at Taplow House Hotel - so my final sneaky thank you, to Dann, for always taking my photo and working harder than ever to pick up the camera, even without me asking.

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