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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole

Some of you may know, though many won't, that our wedding was loosely themed around Alice in Wonderland and her tea party. The story has held a place in my heart for years, so when I was invited to see Wonderland* at the Mayflower Theatre for it's UK and European premiere production.

Being the Easter half term it was an incredibly timely addition to the cities cultural entertainment, which by the way is getting better and better at the moment.

The story combines Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass in this enchanting musical adaptation. They have changed up the story so the essence of Alice in Wonderland is there, and all the characters, but you have a modern day adult Alice with her daughter Ellie down the rabbit hole.

As can be expected with any musical, the songs were fantastic, and the voices of the cast were amazing. The staging, though simple, was effective (I believe this is a smaller production than some of my recent musical viewings of Billy Elliot and Wind in the Willows so the staging wasn't as diverse as these two).

For me, the show was stolen by the Mad Hatter. She was brilliant, and her character development is so clever. And her voice, OMG, I could have listened to her sing all day. I think my absolute favourite scene of the entire show was Alice and the Mad Hatter singing "This is who I am" together - it quite literally sent chills down my spine. I also loved her story with the March Hare and frankly thought it was the perfect pairing.

It was a musical like I've never seen before. I think I'd have liked more dance if I'm totally honest (but then I love dance and can't get enough of it!) and definitely more of the Queen of Hearts but over all I did enjoy the show, and the small cast behind the production really do work hard and bring together a beautiful and unique story.

It's the perfect treat for Easter and a nice show for the whole family to enjoy.
Tickets for Wonderland (Tuesday 18 – Saturday 22 April 2017) are on sale now from Mayflower Theatre.

*Tickets provided in exchange for review - all opinions as always are my own.

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  1. I saw this too and it was amazing! I also loved the March Hare, he was very funny :) xx


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