Is your home ready for a little walker?

July 6, 2017

The last couple of weeks have seen our little crawler start to take his first steps.
Everyday he is getting braver and letting go of furniture more and more, and taking more steps with every try.

It’s an unbelievably exciting time but also a really nerve-racking time too.

With new movements and development, comes more exploring, and of course, the realisation that maybe our house isn’t completely child-proof! You only need to sit on the floor and get down to their level to see your living room/kitchen/staircase how your little one sees it, and all the opportunities for exploration your home provides.

As with any exploration, you need to be prepared, and as safe as possible.

If you’re little one is anything like ours you’ll probably have been baby proofing for a while now, but we’re now stepping up our game a little more with our very nearly walker, with a little help from Fred*. 

Our first stop was the doors. Henry really loves playing with open doors, and I reckon this is only going to continue as he gets older. So to save his little fingers, we’ve been placed door slam stoppers* on the main culprits. This includes the kitchen door. Although we do have a baby gate for when we’re cooking, the majority of the rest of the time we leave it open so Henry has free range to roam about. So far he’s been really good with all the cupboards and drawers and is more interested in playing with a clothes rack. The two pack includes hangers to put the stoppers on when the stoppers aren’t in use. We’re also planning on using one on the nursery/playroom too.   

Next we have corner protectors*. This one is pretty important for those with toddlers. They’re just at that perfect height for banging their head on furniture, and they always manage to find the corner don’t they?! So we’ve gone round and stuck these fab corner protectors on the most obvious places in our living room, including our dining table and a shelf we use for our internet and server. All at the right height for Henry to bump into, but now a little safer. Plus they literally just stick in place.   

^^ love this photo Dann took so had to share ^^

Last but not least is anti skid tape*. This one I think I was most interested in. It makes perfect sense to use this stuff at home, especially when you consider it is used on stairs in commercial buildings all the time. 

We don’t have carpeted stairs so this tape is perfect to help reduce the risk of Henry falling, particularly on those bottom steps by the gate which Henry loves to hang around on. 

The tape is so very easy to use. For stairs you use the yellow/glow in the dark anti skid tape and the masking tape. The masking tape goes along the edge of the tape, and then the anti skid tape directly alongside side. Then simply remove the masking tape and you have a perfectly placed strip, and a straight one at that too! 

The third roll of tape is a clear anti skid tape to be used to fill rugs to the floor without them sliding around. We will be using this on our main rug in the living room as fast feet and a sliding rug don’t make for a good combination!! 

So that’s us putting safety and our little toddler first. 

What’s your top tips and products for baby proofing your home?

*PR samples provided for review, all opinions are my own. 

2 responses to “Is your home ready for a little walker?”

  1. Debbie - Hello Deborah says:

    I think I need some corner protectors! E isn't walking yet but pulls herself up on everything and often falls back down on her bum.Debbie x

  2. Actually Mummy... says:

    Oh I so much of this stuff – in fact we've only just got round to removing some of it. We had so many trapped fingers and bumped heads until we discovered all the safety things. An absolute essential!

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