Cake and The Birthday Thief

August 23, 2017

Is there anything better in life than a really good book and a hot cup of tea? Well as an adult, not much beats that chilled out feeling of zoning out with a great story. 

But for a kid, I think the ultimate equivalent is a picture storybook and cake!

If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll know that we adore books, and as a writer of sorts, and a huge reader, having an extensive library has always been a priority. 

I also really believe that books can make some of the best gifts ever. 

And even more so if they’re personalised. 

Enter Wonderbly and their story The Birthday Thief*. 

As we’ve just celebrated Henry’s first birthday it felt right to add to our collection of Wonderbly books (we have the boy who lost his name, and the intergalactic journey home already) with this birthday book. 

As always, these probably have my absolute favourite illustrations (aside from Quentin Blake illustrations because honestly I don’t think anyone could every outdraw him) and tell a fun story of discovery and learning. 

This book looks at numbers specifically and of course dates, and I think that’s a major reason why I absolutely adore these books! They’re so fun and pretty, but they teach at the same time, and always have a hidden lesson. 

Henry is fast becoming a book fan, probably helped by us reading him stories every bedtime, but of course he loved the cake more… the frosting went everywhere!! 

Do you own any of the Wonderbly books? Which is your favourite?

Get 15% off your first order!!

*book sent for review free of charge, all opinions are of course my own! 

2 responses to “Cake and The Birthday Thief”

  1. Everything Mummy says:

    Oh looks lovely I am always on the hunt for new children's books – will check these out x

  2. Fred's Box says:

    We absolutely love books here, and are always on the lookout for new ones. I haven't come across this one before but it looks great. Thanks for sharing

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