City strolling with Cosatto

August 21, 2017

Ok so you may have noticed that as a family we like to get out and about?!

Fortunately for us we live in an area with the biggest mix of places to go, including Southampton City Centre. 

Now that Henry is a bit older, it felt right to change over our pushchair to something a little lighter and easier to navigate around with. 

Enter Cosatto… 

I fell in love with Cosatto late last year after seeing a number of bloggers with BEAUTIFUL travel systems and car seats. We ended up buying the Hubbub ISOFIX seat for Henry and we absolutely love it, so it only made sense to have a stroller from them too!

Say hello to our city strolling pal…. the Supa Dragon Kingdom*! 

Ok we have to talk about the print to start off with! 

I swear you can spot a Cosatto product a mile away because of their gorgeous and unique prints. We obviously chose Dragon Kingdom for our little dragon! It’s the sweetest print, with castles and dragons, and slogans of bravery! What more could you want for a little boy or girl?! 

This stroller is the perfect accompaniment for the city parent, and to be honest the country one too! 

As during the week I don’t have access to a car,we do a lot of travel on the bus, and this stroller is a bus best buddy. It’s super slim-lined and easy to maneuver meaning getting through tight gaps is easy work! 

It’s comfy to move around and easy to push along, plus those double handles came in handy for shopping bags – priorities right?! 

I love the design, and this being our second stroller from Cosatto – I bought a budget one for the nursery run as I don’t mind it getting a bit battered about in the pram storage cupboard – I knew I’d love the upgraded version. Alongside a better quality material, it boasts padded straps and a strand for when the stroller is collapsed away for storage. I almost feel like the frame is sturdier and for a stroller doesn’t feel flimsy. My one and only fault is the basket which is essentially out of bounds if the chair is laid back and we do have a habit of losing things out the side of the basket, though whether that’s us just overloading or the actual basket’s fault, I’m not entirely sure! 

It even comes with it’s own pocket for your phone at the back of the hood, awesome for me as I normally chuck my phone in the hood and risk throwing it on the floor! Plus it has a little speaker so you can play music to your little one whilst you stroll. I can imagine this would be amazing for teeny babies (the stroller is made for babies from birth as it can lay flat) who like white noise being played to them! 

Not photographed is the very lovely and extra snuggly foot cosy which takes this stroller from summer to winter seamlessly. It’s reversible and fleece lined, and really makes me want to curl up in the stroller too. I can see a lot of stroller envy happening this winter when we get that little lovely out!  

So for our day to day city strolling, we’re back by Cosatto, every day of the week. Plus it’s compact enough to fit in the boot of a Corsa, which is saying something, so it’s coming on holiday with us, and all out trips out.

What’s your favourite Cosatto design?

*stroller provided free of charge for review purposes – all opinions are my own

10 responses to “City strolling with Cosatto”

  1. Debbie - Hello Deborah says:

    I have stroller envy right now and the fleece foot cosy sounds fab. I love this design, Cosatto have so many beautiful prints but this one is definitely my favourite.

  2. Helen J says:

    We currently have the Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System and I love it! This supa stroller is perfect for down sizing when our daughter gets old enough – the design is so fun and the features are well thought out 🙂

  3. EveryoneLovesPie says:

    We have the supa stroller which I absolutely love – 2 kids in and it's still going strong!

  4. Sarah Peasant says:

    Looks like a fab stroller. I agree you can always spot a Cosatto. I love the pouch at the back for a phone, what an amazing idea! Good to hear its sturdy thats one of the things I would look for in a leightweight stroller x

  5. Little B And Me says:

    Love the fact it has a little speaker! My son would totally be in his element tehehe.I love their strollers they always have the most fantastic designs. <3Great post doll. B is getting to the end of the stroller stage otherwise I'd be out buying one 😀

  6. Five Little Doves says:

    Oh I love this – the design is gorgeous!! We were after a stroller for my youngest just for long journeys and holidays but I couldn't find anything I really loved. This would be utterly perfect!

  7. Sarah Humphreys says:

    I love the design of this one and the handy phone pocket sounds great, I too throw mine in the hood and several times the toddler has pulled the hood out and my phone flew out!

  8. Scandi Mummy says:

    I think the print of these are just amazing! I love that they have put so much thought and effort into them and you can see how much the children like it (not to mention the parents) x

  9. Jes Zech says:

    I love the print on that stroller. It also looks really lightweight which is great for city strolling.

  10. Just Motherhood says:

    What a fab pushchair. I adore how bright and bold all the Cosatto pushchairs are. It is so brightly coloured I think my son would love it. My friend has a Cosatto Stroller and it is very easy to push and manoeuvre. xx

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