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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Displaying keepsakes - a pin board DIY

One of my absolute favourite things about owning my own home is that we can decorate however we like, and this includes showing off bits about our life and memories. 
I'm actually a bit of a keepsake lover too, especially tickets and invites, and bits of bobs from travels. 
However I get a little down in the dumps about having it all hidden away. 

Up until recently we had all our little keepsakes in our glass-topped IKEA table which was living in our conservatory. However our tickets were starting to get sun bleached and the table is going soon as we are moving the sofa into its place.

So I decided to display everything on a pin board at the top of our stairs, and here's now/why I did it.

I started off with this basic 900x600 office pin board. To make it match in with the rest of the frames on the wall and smarten it up a bit I used some white wood paint to make the frame stand out. 
Dann then fixed it to the wall from picture hooks and I got started on adding bits to the board. 

I used our invites for my baby shower and Henry's Christening as a base, as well as some postcards. Running down one side is all our tickets from shows, concerts and gigs. Usually in pairs, so they're pinned in fans, and slightly over-lapping each other. I also created little fans from our wristbands too. 
To finish off, our lanyards and medals are hung over the sides of the frame. 

Luckily we still have plenty of room for lots more memories which is kind of important with a growing family.

What's your favourite way to display your keepsakes?



  1. Oh I love this!! This reminds me of being a teen, I had a pin board like this above my bed with hundreds of photos and cut outs of me and my friends, concert tickets, notes off boyfriends....those were the days! I would love to do one now!

  2. I really like this idea, especially having it at the top of the stairs as you always go past it don't you. We don't have anywhere where we have keepsakes at the moment but it would be lovely to do.

  3. Such a great idea! I wanted to do something similar for quite some time now :)

  4. What a lovely idea. Its lovely that you display all your little memories in one place. I always love that about visiting friends homes to see all the little bits of the personality around their home. xx

  5. This is such a great idea! I have plenty of tickets and memory things just hidden away, and you sort of forget what you've kept.


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