Why Hampshire is Home

August 7, 2017

I moved to Southampton in September 2008 to start studying for my Journalism degree.
A little known fact, Dann actually moved down to Southampton in June 2009 so we could move in together. Since then, Hampshire has been our home away from home. We’re both originally from Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire (there’s some question as to what county Dann’s home village is actually in). We met in Bucks, and 90% of our family is still in the county, so you’ll often hear us say we are going back home for a weekend.

But it’s a sentence I am planning to drop.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my old home. I think I might even love Dann’s old home more than my own. Our visits there always stick with me, and we have some of our fondest memories there – including our wedding which was in the church in Dann’s village, and the reception in my favourite local town.

But it is no longer really home.
It was a home. But our home is now in Hampshire.

I read this great story about the meaning of home, and it got me thinking (BTW it’s a very long read, so do get a cuppa as the author advises!) what is home really?

Home is where you’re most comfortable, most happy, and most content.
Home is where you can put your feet on the sofa, and wear your pjs at midday.
Home is where the fridge is either completely full, or completely empty.
Home is where all your favourite books find their place.
Home is where tea never, ever runs out.
Home is where we’ve made this place filled with love and cosiness.
Home is where the memories are made, and then made to last.

My home is in Hampshire, because that is where some of my favourite memories are.
It’s where my baby boy was born.
It’s where my fur baby was born and brought into our lives.
It’s where 95% of my friends are.
It’s where I can give directions to strangers, and know they won’t get lost.
It’s where exploring is fun but safe because we ultimately know exactly where we are.
It’s where we are surrounded by parks and beautiful outdoor spaces.
It’s where I’d never want to leave, because home is where your heart is, and my heart belongs to Hampshire.

Where is your home?

5 responses to “Why Hampshire is Home”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    My home is 6000 miles away from where I was born, 3000 miles away from where I grew up and many thousands of miles from any family members. It's where I hang my hat. 🙂

  2. Alexandra Donnelly says:

    What sweet photos!! I've lived abroad for years and moving back to Ireland was a real struggle because I wasn't sure it felt like home anymore. I've made a life now in Belfast and now can't imagine living anywhere else!

  3. Natalie Dickinson says:

    I have a similar story to you. My current home is in Berkshire but my true home and where I'm from is Yorkshire. I love visiting my family and friends but I also love coming back too. I find it a great mix and love them both.

  4. MUMMY'S LITTLE MONKEY (@JaxFortyNorth) says:

    I have my home (where I live now, in the home counties) and 'home home' in New Zealand. But while NZ always feels very nostalgic and familiar, my adopted home is where I know I'm supposed to be. I can't imagine living anywhere else now! x

  5. Joanna Davis says:

    My home is here in the UK and I love it so much. Unfortunately, in about 2 years the country I moved to with so much love might decide to kick me out just because on my passport is not written British….

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