22 things to love about autumn

September 24, 2017

I love a little light-hearted band wagon, and I don’t really know if you can call yourself a blogger if you don’t do one of these entirely pointless, but nonetheless really fun lists!

Bloggers love autumn, even though the evenings get darker faster which means photography gets infinitely harder, and lazy, unproductive days in bed seem far more appropriate than spending a day working on blog content, but we still love autumn.

Personally I’ve always been a big fan of autumn, even before my blogging days, but that might have more to do with presents than anything else.
So what’s to love about autumn?

1. Jumpers. Get those jumpers out and get snuggly and warm, because although summer means ink out, jumpers and comfort is where it is really at.

2. Boots. Ankle boots. Chelsea boots. Wedge boots. Wellington boots. Give me all the boots.

3. Woolly bobble hats. I love them. They’re cute and quirky and oh so very collectible.

4. Pumpkins. I am so so so excited for pumpkin picking in October and having them decorating the house.

5. Homesense halloween decorating. I love Homesense anyway, but their halloween decorations, are just gorgeous. I am finding a glass pumpkin which I definitely should have bought last year.

6. Halloween in general. Although we won’t be trick or treating this year as Henry is still too young, we will have treats for the neighbourhood kids, and they all adored Henry’s little skeleton costume last year!

7. Orange. The colour rather than the fruit. Yep, autumn means the colour orange EVERYWHERE and I love it.

8. Crispy leaves. For that obligatory feet in leaves shot that will grace every instagram feed from October to December.

9. Hot drinks. And I don’t mean the pumpkin-spice variety. Any and all hot drinks, perfect for curling up on the sofa.

10. Netflix and TV. Because everyone refreshes for the new season in autumn, so TV just gets better. Probably because we’re all going to be inside avoiding the British rain.

11. Log fires. You’ll find me as close as humanly possible to any log fires, especially the one at Dann’s parents house, because I love them. You just can’t get more cosy.

12. That inbetweeny weather. It’s cold enough for jumpers, but not too cold that you need a thick coat. It’s sunny, but brisk. The light is soft and breezes minimal. It’s pretty much the perfect weather for exploring.

13. Baking. I always get a bit more baker-like in autumn. It just doesn’t feel right in the summer. Bring on the cakes and crumbles and pies!

14. Fireworks. So close to my birthday, and it’s so British to hang around outside in the cold with hot tea, toffee apples and glittery skies, hoping for the clouds to stay away.

15. Fluffy socks. Padding round the house in pjs and fluffy socks at 6:30pm is always a winner in my books.

16. Red lipstick. Matte. In any and all shades. Autumn is the time for the bold stand out lip and I am all for it!

17. Shaving less. Because if your pins are being hidden under tights or trousers, why bother with the nightly shave!

18. Reading books. Preferably by a log fire with a cup of tea. But I’ll also take it under thick duvets in bed surrounded by candles.

19. Candles. That glowy, pretty, sophisticated blogging bestie that make cold evenings all cosy and happy.

20. Everything Hygge. It’s the season for all things hygge, and I’m very happy to hibernate away with hot drinks, blankets, candles and family.

21. Long hot soaks in the bath. With a lush limited edition Halloween item, candles (can you see a theme here) and a book! Pure pleasure.

22. Woodland walks. I just find them so much more satisfying in the autumn when you’re rosy cheeked and the air is fresh. Plus getting home to snuggle on the sofa afterwards feels like a real treat!

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? 

5 responses to “22 things to love about autumn”

  1. caitylis says:

    Yes to shaving less! Love the photos you've done for this post Rachel! Much love, caitylis x x http://www.caitylis.co.uk

  2. Kim Cornell says:

    Yes, to all of these! Autumn has always been my favourite season and I'm happy it's finally here! Can't wait to go to a pumpkin patch for the first time this year and I'm already planning for Halloween.Kim | chimmyville.co.uk

  3. Amina says:

    I can not agree more with your list! The woodland walks are something I am really looking forward to! I live in NYC and fall in NY is so amazing in central park. I can't wait to wear my wool coat, and I am still searching for the perfect Chelsea Boot!

  4. Rainy Days Fun says:

    Thank you for reminding that autumn can be lovely. Indeed there's a lot of things to enjoy. For me, unfortunately a series of horrible events last year (loss of my father, being harrassed to be made redundant by a bullish psycho boss and buying and moving into a house, all in Sept-October), meant that I was kind of left with some PTSD to be fair, and I associate autumn with despair, decay and everything negative (sorry to be so doom and gloom). Reading through your post I actually remembered how life used to be before these horrible events out of my control and making me think that autumn is a season like any other.

  5. Georgiana says:

    Those fox socks are perfect!!I like autumn too if the days are sunny because the colourful nature is amazing backdrop for photoshoots. But yes, I agree th shorter days are suitable for lazy days in bed with a book or movie or do a bit of baking because we need a bit of calories for the ipcomind winter, right? 😀

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