Why I blog and share our life on social media

September 19, 2017

Often when I’m having a bit of writer’s block, or a lack of inspiration for new content, or just generally feeling uninspired, I like to sit back and think about why I blog.

What’s the reason for wanting to write about my life, share our stories, for the whole (well maybe not the whole) internet to see. Why do I spend a good percentage of my free time working on new content, taking photos, scheduling social media?

I do it all because I want to keep a little diary of our lives. 

My favourite posts to write and put together are always our family adventure posts. Posts, where the photographs come easily, and tell a story all on their own, and the words just flow into a tale of our latest discovery. A new place that we love, or a revisit with a new pair of eyes.

Yes of course I have gone down the monetisation route as well. Why not make a little extra money, or get new products to try, whilst creating a space I love. 

Quite a few “instamums” and mummy bloggers have gotten a bit of flack recently for the endorsements and brand collaborations, supposedly making them unrelatable, and I guess I can kind of understand it. Yes daily sponsored posts and ad after ad can be a bit much and make it all seems a little too editorial, but at least they’re clear on when things are an advert or sponsored. And many, like myself, will only collaborate if the product or company is truly of value to them and fits with their personal blogging ethics. 

But the money and the products aren’t the reason I blog. 

I blog because I love to share my life. I love having this little pretty corner of the internet filled with our experiences. 

I love that it pushes me to try new things, and get out and about more. 

It drives me to want to actually leave the house and make plans, which is really important as motherhood can be a really lonely business. 

So I’m blogging for me mostly. 

Yes I’ll continue to share advice (especially on tattoos as I know they’re by far my most popular posts) and share products that we love, and do sponsored work too. 

But mostly I’m blogging so I have this online diary to look back on in years to come, and can see the absolute best days of my life.

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