Are kids really that expensive?

February 27, 2018

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Kids cost a fortune right?

At least that’s what everyone who offers their usually unsolicited opinion will say.

Kids cost so much many. They have so much stuff. You’ll have no money for you anymore once you have kids.

And I guess in some respects kids are expensive.

To be honest, looking back at our life before kids is pretty foggy, though I don’t have the most amazing memory at the best of times, let alone with two years (nearly) of child induced sleep deprivation.
Yes we undoubtedly went out for dinner more, though I’m not sure if that’s more to do with the work involved in getting a toddler to sit for a full three course meal rather than the actual cost of it. And I definitely travelled more, though this is something we are looking at more and more as our family grows older. And I very much bought more clothing for myself, though I don’t exactly go without these days either.

I think now, as a parent, it’s more that my priorities have changed. So instead of the big fancy meals, I’d rather save the cash and do a meal at home and then a day trip out.

With that said, I’m very aware that we have a second baby coming, and that does mean some big, somewhat pricey purchases for both boys.

Now I have got a few options. I can buy everything I need, which includes a new wardrobe, a possible bed for Henry, new changing mats, blinds, storage and newborn baby bits in one go with Cash Lady, or I can be stringent and only get the actual necessities, such as the wardrobe and work my through the list. I can buy all brand new, or I can buy second hand. I can also go back through all the stuff we kept from Henry’s baby days (thank goodness for a large loft).

And that’s the thing with kids. They can be as expensive or affordable as you make them.

No child died from not getting the very latest toy or the most expensive clothing. Your kid isn’t going to care what brand their bed is, or that their bed sheets are from Tesco and not Next. And they sure don’t care if they’re wearing Pamper’s, Tesco Own, or Aldi nappies. They’re going to poop in them no matter what.

Kids are going to gain far more from experience than possessions. You don’t need 101 material items, but maybe a few investment pieces to last them through.
And yes buying experiences can be pricey too. But you don’t have to get an annual pass to a theme park to be the “cool mum”. We have an annual pass to our local farm, and its probably the best £60 we’ve even spent on one single non-essential. And £60 for the whole family for a year of unlimited visits is worth every penny in my book. And I would honestly pay that out every single year for the amount of fun and education it’s brought us.

So no, kids don’t HAVE to be THAT expensive.

You decide how much you’re willing to spend.
Yes some things you’ll just have to deal with, such as continuously updating their wardrobes as they grow so fast. But you don’t have to buy all high end. The supermarkets make great kids clothing too.
You don’t have to forgo holidays, you just need to shop around and plan a bit, and maybe a staycation or two is on the cards for the early days.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you also can if you want to.   

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5 responses to “Are kids really that expensive?”

  1. Maisie Gibbons says:

    I was really worried that we "wouldn't be able to afford a child" but you're so right, there are so many great and inexpensive ways to shop for your little one! x

  2. Babies and Beauty says:

    Agreed – we just bought national trust annual passes for that exact reason. Experiences are so much more valuable than toys that they'll grow out of.

  3. Gee says:

    With my second I used most of what I still had from my first which saved us a lot. I did spend a lot with my first though and ended up buying so much stuff that I really didn’t need but got anyway *just in case*

  4. Lucy Dorrington says:

    I agree. There will always be expenses, but there are lot of ways to save money too, if you need to.

  5. Emma Lambert says:

    I agree with you, they are expensive as you make them. It’s all about shopping around and compromising on certain things I think x

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