Childcare is bittersweet

March 29, 2018

We got a letter from nursery the other day to let us know that our childcare fees would be going up in April.
Not really a huge surprise there. Almost all businesses use the new tax year to increase their rates at little to keep them afloat of inflation. It’s not ideal but it is a way of life.

However this letter gave me a shock, and put me in a very ranty mood. Our fees are going up by £5.05 per day!!

With Henry in nursery three days a week, and zero government funding until he’s three (we’re not eligible for the two year funding) that’s around £70 per month extra that we have to find. And unfortunately my yearly pay rise is not going to cover the extra (I pay our childcare, whilst Dann pays the house bills etc).

Moving nurseries isn’t really an option as one of the main factors for choosing them in the first place is the very convenient location for me on my way to work. And I can’t take him out of nursery as we have no other childcare options.

So we’re left losing another £70 a month for the privilege of earning a wage and paying my taxes, contributing to society, in a job I don’t always massively like.

And I do understand the need for the increase.

They outlined very clearly why they need the additional money, and why it’s gone up so much. They have to cover the wages of their nursery nurses and ensure they are above minimum wage. They also have to pay their pensions. And of course their rent has gone up as is typical for the time of year.

And when it’s put like that, you can’t help but feel a little guilty for your resentment towards the new pricing. Of course the staff have bills to pay, and they want to keep their training up to date. The nursery wants to buy new toys and equipment for our kids to play with. They have food to buy so our kids don’t go hungry whilst they’re there. It’s cost after cost.

Unfortunately, my business doesn’t really care that my outgoings are going up faster than my pay packet. So I have to lose out. And that seems pretty unfair.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Our government really does need to do more for younger families that actually want to work. If they keep increasing the minimum wage, then maybe they should contribute towards services that keep others in work, and help educate our future generations. Perhaps giving them better funding for the early years funded children, would mean the other parents don’t have to take the financial hit.

Luckily, we won’t have to suffer for two long as I’m planning to go on maternity leave in June and reduce Henry’s hours at the same time. Which helps me, but obviously doesn’t help the nursery who will ultimately lose out.

I strongly believe that nursery is a great place for Henry, but unfortunately the financials make it a pretty bittersweet.

9 responses to “Childcare is bittersweet”

  1. Mandi says:

    That does seem very steep – such a large increase. It is so hard to pay for childcare as it is!

  2. Gee Gardner says:

    Price hikes are always hard aren’t they! It’s difficult to make ends meet anyway these days but as you say, they need the extra money to look after the children and it’s a bit of a catch 22 isn’t it! X

  3. Emma Lambert says:

    It's such a shame that childcare costs are so expensive and not a lot of help is given to families who are working x

  4. Babies and Beauty says:

    Nodded all the way through this. It’s definitely hard, from someone who worked in nurseries for 6 years I can say 90% of the money they charge is pure profit. Even for meals, if you’re being charged £4 for meals daily, you can bet that on their shopping budget it will be £1 per child per day. It was very hard being a nursery nurse and a parent because I could see both sides and half of the reason I came out of the career path. I hate the injustice of how the free hours are allocated to.

  5. Lucie Loves It says:

    ugh this is so annoying, it's so expensive! It doesn't seem fair! As it is we pay my mum and that's expensive, let alone the cost of nursery too!

  6. Five Little Doves says:

    WOW! That;s a huge rise!! I understand a little inflation but that's just daylight robbery! It's tough enough without price hikes!

  7. Amy Mighalls says:

    Gosh that does seem like a hefty rise. We don’t qualify for the 2yr funding either which is so frustrating, something definitely needs to be done to help people more I think.

  8. Amelia says:

    It’s so frustrating, childcare is so expensive as it is without them increasing it! Luckily Darcy only goes one day a week, but I feel sad that I can’t afford to put her in nursery more than that because she loves it.

  9. mjparenting says:

    It's really unfair but we don't have a choice because we need them. All we can do is find extra money to pay for it.

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