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Monday, 25 July 2016

By the sea at Victoria Country Park

I'm really loving summer right now. Yes it is a little hit and miss with the UK weather but when it's nice it really is nice. 

Since having Henry we've been out exploring our local area a lot more. Henry settles really well in the carrycot of our pushchair especially in the evenings when he is a little trickier to put to sleep. Dann has kindly been taking him out for a walk so I can sleep on several evenings each week, and then we've done a few family walks in the afternoons to get out and about. 

We are really loving exploring our local area and discovering all the outside spaces that Henry is going to love when he is older.  

The other weekend we went on a walk from our house through Hamble to the Royal Victoria Country Park and then back home via Netley Abbey. We decided to take the camera with us and get a few photos whilst out and enjoying the sunshine. 

^^ I adore Hydraneas and love seeing the huge bushes in the front gardens of the homes we walk past. I couldn't resist getting a photo of these pink ones!! ^^



  1. Such beautiful photos, that park looks so pretty! I'm definitely enjoying the summer weather too. Great post!

    Ella xx

    1. Thank you. It is such a lovely outside space. I am loving the sunshine and the chance to get out and about. Thanks for reading.


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