TRAVEL: A mini cruise in November

December 2, 2015

If you’ve been keeping up with my social media you may have seen that I went away for a mini break at the end of November.

We try to go away/abroad at least once a year (I’ve been abroad twice now this year) so booked a mini cruise to Amsterdam and Brugges with P&O cruises. As they sail out of Southampton it only made sense to try out a cruise. We started out small as neither of us had been on one before, and opted for an adults-only break.

We set out on the Arcadia, a medium sized ship for four nights away. 

Unfortunately due to the terror alerts in Brussels we couldn’t stop in Brugges which was understandable though a shame, and due to the weather and time frames couldn’t stay in Amsterdam or stop at another port. I’ll be doing another post on Amsterdam shortly but in the mean time here’s what you need to know for a cruise.

Due to the weather our first night was rough and made for an interesting nights sleep. Our extra day at sea also wasn’t the smoothest which wasn’t ideal but manageable.

The evenings were so much fun, as there was a dress code each night. The best night had to be the Black Tie evening where everyone was beautifully dressed up and Dann busted out his James Bond Tux. The menus in the restaurants were amazing every night, but they went all out on black tie night with a special four course dinner. Even if I did miss dessert from feeling a little under the weather. We went to the theatre (actually we went to the Theatre three out of four nights) where they put on an amazing dance show themed on Queen. It was 100% my favourite night, even if a little poorly for some of it.

Here’s some photos from our time on the ship!

Mini Cruise with P&O Cruises

Mini Cruise with P&O Cruises

Mini Cruise with P&O Cruises

 ^^don’t we dress up smart. And of course it only made sense for Dann to order a martini (with olives) to match his tux!!^^

Mini Cruise with P&O Cruises

Mini Cruise with P&O Cruises

 ^^isn’t this ceiling just spectacular!!^^

Mini Cruise with P&O Cruises

^^our fave piece of art on the ship… I could have happily taken this home! Creepy cool!^^

Mini Cruise with P&O Cruises

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  1. B says:

    You both look stunning in your fancy outfits! Sorry to hear about the bad weather though!

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