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Thursday, 4 February 2016

BLOGGING: Super easy tips to improve your SEO

SEO improvement tips for bloggers

I'm by no means a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert but I'm not too shabby having done a digital marketing diploma, and worked in marketing to some degree for the last three years.

Over that time, and especially recently with this blog, I've been learning and implementing new techniques that improve my SEO and ultimately increase my traffic and site views.

So I thought I'd share some super easy tricks and tips to improve your SEO and hopefully increase your blog traffic too.

Your images are by far one of the easiest ways to optimize your site for search engines. Just a few really simple steps will almost certainly improve your traffic and it will improve the professional feel of your site.
Name your images when you save them. This gives more information on your post and also looks nicer than JPG101 or IMG1234 if your page loads slowly for any reason.
In Blogger you can also add a desription under 'properties' for a photo. This will help the image to be searchable on Google image and the like.

Try to set out keywords for each post and make sure you then use them if possible in your first paragraph.
Add a 'search description' or meta detail for each post to aid search results.
Make sure your title is easy to understand and relatable to your post. Simple is better and makes it easier for search engines to understand what your post is about and rank it appropriately.

Change your url for each post. This is another place you can add keywords or search terms that you may not have been able to use in your title!!
Also make sure your website description is up to date, it all helps.

Hopefully this was a little useful for you and you can all take the extra easy steps to grow your traffic organically.
If you have any little tips leave them in the comments below, or link me to your guides on your blog.


  1. Some really useful tips there Rachel! xx

    Kimberley //


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