LIFESTYLE: Why I’m happy I married young… and other stereotypes

February 1, 2016

Today is a bit of a personal post inspired by a couple of posts I’ve read recently.
The first is from Amie Hayward, who like me, married in her early 20’s.
The second is from Alice. I know Alice in real life, we’re even good friends. We’re basically the same age (approximately seven weeks between us) and are incredibly like-minded, however our actual lives are polar opposites. In fact we often joke how completely opposite our lives are.

Alice recently defended her lifestyle in this post and it’s honestly one of my favourite a blog posts. She loves a night out with drinks, has no immediate plans for marriage or kids and fairly regularly updates our group Whatsapp chat to ‘Alice is getting drunk’. I love Alice’s lifestyle because she loves it, she damn well chose it and she owns it.

Me, well you all probably know I followed the stereotypes. Met a guy, fell in love, moved in together, got engaged, got a cat, got married, got another cat, bought a house and are having a baby. I married at 23. I was engaged at 21. I moved in with Dann at 19. I met Dann at 18.
Our weekends and evenings are spent renovating our house, cooking together, planning for the future and binge watching our favourite shows.

Like I said, I literally couldn’t have a more different lifestyle to Alice, and perhaps a lot of 26 year olds.

But I’m so ok with that. Yeah I love hearing drunken antic stories, or reviews of the next amazing place to eat, or seeing Alice’s snapchats from the 6am hangover train. But I’m also happy with what I have.
Yes I got married young. In fact I’ve been with Dann all of my adult life. Some might say that it was a waste of my 20’s, and more so that I’m planning on giving up any future nights out in favour of baby cuddles and early nights. But I’ve spent eight years with the man I love, creating adventures and our future. I feel content. I’m starting a family with the man I love, which is something I’ve always dreamt of. It’s the simple things that make me eternally happy. I wouldn’t change my stereotypical life at all. And i get my fix of Alice’s adventures at Nandos or Mettricks, and that’s just perfect!

10 responses to “LIFESTYLE: Why I’m happy I married young… and other stereotypes”

  1. Anna Dennis says:

    This is so cute Rach! Makes me want a stereotypical life! Xxx

  2. Emily Writes says:

    I love this post! Although I'm not married, I can see myself getting married in the next 4 years (I'll be 24) and so many of my friends think it's a waste of life. If you're happy if shouldn't bother other people! Emily xx |

  3. Emily Thorpe says:

    I really love this! I'm quite similar to you – I met my boyfriend the day before I started Uni and we began a long distance relationship which to some people was such an alien thing to do when you're supposed to be getting drunk and being frivolous, but four years later we've brought our own house, got a puppy together and we are enjoying travelling. I don't get why people have such a problem, sometimes I just think there is a bit of jealousy you know? Great post!Musings & More

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Thank you. That is so sweet. Long distance can be so hard, but if you get through it, it's the best too! xx

  4. Unknown says:

    So glad you shared…I'm now 29 but have been with my wife since I was 19. We got married when I was 27. When you find the one you treasure it. I also have a friend like you who goes out drinking and doesn't want to settle down. She also owns this lifestyle. I think it's these different people that make life so damn interesting!

  5. Jasmine Potts says:

    This is so cute plus the photo of you pair is toooooooo adorable! Gorgeous!I would love to have lived this kind of life (I kind of am?? A little later than I would have hoped anyway!) and I can't wait to get married! I always wanted a child before the age of 25 and I'm glad I'm able to do that!Engagement has happened but it'll be a few years before marriage comes around, which we're happy with! Whatever lifestyle people choose is theirs to choose and it's all about being happy with the choice you've made, which you quite clearly are! :)Jasmine ♡

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