BABY: A look around our nursery

May 18, 2016

I’m so excited to share this post with you as I’ve worked really quite hard on our nursery for the last few months. I adore interior design anyhow, and I am loving creating little spaces for my soon to be little one.

With Bee due to arrive with us next month, it’s been all go in the Bradford household to get everything sorted. I’m an organisational freak and hate leaving things to the last minute if they don’t have to be. It just makes my life easier if I’m prepared. So our nursery is ready!

As we don’t know what Bee is yet (oh my gosh I’m so excited to see if Bee is a boy or girl!!) we have obviously chosen a gender neutral theme for our nursery. It also means the room is all sorted for future babies down the line (I want a big family) so in the long run is so much more cost effective.

As you may have seen from some of my previous home posts (living room and kitchen here and a closer look at our kitchen here) we like bright colours and stuff on the walls. So it only made sense to have this in our nursery too. We chose an animal theme for the room. No specific on the type of animal as we didn’t want to be restricted, and I think it helps with education too. You may also know I’m a big fan of orange (duh, it’s all over my blog background) and turquoise, and I adore an accent wall. All paint in our house is the Valspar Premium Indoor Paint, perfect for families as it is scrubbable!

This is the smallest room in our house, but I think we’ve done a good job of the space available to us, especially turning the built in mini-cupboard into a wardrobe with a little help from a B&Q rail and Ikea storage boxes.

So here’s a little look around our nursery ready for Bee’s arrival soon!!

^^both our wall stickers are from eBay. They take an age to arrive, but they are so so worth the wait especially at less than £3 each!! Search wall decals for your favourite.^^

^^this rocking chair is also from eBay and is almost identical to the Ikea Poang rocking chair, but at a quarter of the price.^^


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